This Week // 9.20.2014

sunset fields via sylwia urbaniak photography | available on etsy Well hello there!...more

This Week // 9.04.2014

personalized leather bracelets via sweet auburn studio | available on etsy Our household is in transition mode… we are transitioning from Summer to Fall, from K & 2nd to 1st & 3rd, from Unscheduled to Scheduled. Today is the boys' first day of school. I'll be honest… I'm a little sad ....more

Make // Pineapple Gold Leaf Bowl

I wasn't going to jump onboard the "pineapple decor" bandwagon. But then, on our trip to Kauai, I saw this 1970's designed pineapple bowl while perusing the Tourist Section at Walmart. You know that section? ...more

This Week // 8.21.2014

We are back from our annual trip to Oregon. It was eleven days of amazing. We spent 7 days in Portland and 4 days in Central Oregon ....more

This Week //8.14.2014

abstract pillows via art pillow | available on etsy We are hanging with our besties and having a relaxing, carefree week… Well as relaxing as it can be with 7 kids under the age of ten! Luckily they all get along really, really well. Which probably isn't all that unusual considering that us parents (well, 3 out of 4) have known each other since 9th grade ....more

Eat // Dutch Oven Savory Pork Roast

I've been a slacker blogger lately (there. I said it!) and I actually couldn't remember if I shared this recipe already. So I had to search my own blog ....more

This Week // 8.07.2014

beautiful sunsets this week… but thankfully the humidity broke and we're back to dry 80's. phew! We have a month left of summer break and I feel like time is just speeding by ....more

Make // Paper Punch Card

It's been awhile since I've worked on a project, so when my sister-in-law's birthday rolled around, it was the perfect opportunity to create a pretty and simple card.I've used this technique a few years ago for the cover of my journal and it's one of my favorite projects-- Simple with a little flair. click "Read more" for the tutorial Read more » this post first appeared on ...more

Party // Minecraft - Free Printables!

As promised, here are the FREE PRINTABLES for a Minecraft Party. ...more

Party // Minecraft - Part 2

I mentioned in a previous post that we were gearing up for a Minecraft Birthday Party. Well that party was this past weekend and I believe the birthday boy and his guests had a great time.Weather in July is always warm in Southern Cal, so we held the party at an indoor play gym. The kids bounced, slid, jumped and zip-lined to their hearts' content ....more