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Generation X: We're Here and We've Reached 40!

I'm new to BlogHer.  As a young-at-heart 50 year-old Generation X-er, I wanted to start a community for the older women of Generation X.  We're reached middle-age (how did that happen)?  Our POV and Voice is different than the Boomers.To get this community & conversation started, here are some recent articles about Gen X:...more
I don't identify with the Boomers (I'm on the cusp--born in 1962). I love Pearl Jam, President ...more

Let's get this group going again

It looks like this group has been pretty quiet. Let's get in touch! Is anyone going to the blogher conference this summer? What are you most interested in blogging about now?Sharon Greenthal
I just joined Blogher. I have two blogs -- one about finding passion and purpose in mid-life, ...more


Hello. I have issues with what most people call fashion lately. I do not like to see girls or women in extremely revealing attire. Leave something to the imagination, please.My other complaint is, why is it so hard for me to find modest clothes to fit my large bossom? I wear a triple D bra, but I don't want to advertise that. V necks and other low necklines are not for me. I usually wind up buying an XL t-shirt from the men's section.Any ideas or comments will be appreciated. ...more

We Need You!

Sorry for the length of this post but I thought it relevant to this group. This is who I am. I’m a cop. To break it down further, I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, Hillary supporting, gun carrying, pro-choice, pro-death penalty, democrat. Do I fit in yet? I didn’t think so. I don’t fit in with younger generation cops either. I entered the lucrative (that’s a joke) career of law enforcement in my forties. I’m not the only one; I went to the academy with a fifty-five year old man, and more and more people in their thirties and forties are giving law enforcement a shot....more

Midlife, new career, new life

I’m interested in women, like myself, who started over after the children left home. I changed my life and went to the police academy in my forties. Anyone else out there?...more
My life has been changing constantly and drastically since about the age of 42. I am now 52 and ...more

A Roadmap For Newbies

I've been here for a couple of weeks and I dunno' 'bout anyone else, but I feel somethin' like the little lost ball in a pinball machine; no real direction or sense of where I'm going.  It would be so great if someone could draw up some kind of plan, or map, for newbies.  What's the first thing we should do, once we become a member of the BlogHer community?  What's the second and so forth? I realize that those of you who have been here for awhile prob'ly had to figure most of this out for yourselves and perhaps you feel all newbies should do the same.  Howev...more

Thanks for asking, Yaya! I was confused too- uh- actually still am...

Thanks for answering, ...more

"Postcards from Italy" Workshop

Join me in enchanting Tuscany, 9/4-9/11, for wine, food, art, & writing + cooking class while we stay in a charming villa in the heart of Chianti country. ...more

I've always wanted to go to a writing conference in an exotic locale. (sigh)


The First on Our Block

If you grew up in the '50s, this post is for you:) The First on Our Block ...more

New to group: think you can relate to "Womenpause"

I'm living or have lived the same things as other Midlifers. One blog you might relate to is "Womenpause" about life in our 60's on my blog at See Would be interested to hear from you to see what it's been like for you as a single boomer. Erana  ...more

So, I can't quite relate but it's still a familiar story for me.

~Denise BlogHer ...more

Hi! Cool! Now I've found like minded bloghers

It's nice to be here to listen, learn and contribute! I'm a mid-lifer with four kiddos ranging from 8 to 13 (and a clown husband).  We're traking our circus at  I like to think of it as a place for those juggling family, finances, food and fun while seeking balance in this circus of life. Come and visit if you'd like. (AKA The Ring Master)...more

I'm a newbie

Okay, I've decided to take the leap and join BlogHer and a group on here. Since I'm mid-life I might as well join this one. Question: how do I post a picture on here for the group? I hate being "generic"—makes me sound old! Just looking for more bloggers with similar interests actually: decorating and making my home gorgeous. How do we find each other's blogs???   Connie ...more

Needed: Mom-Appealing Businesses, Blogs, Products, and More! Free Listing in is a marketplace for moms, connecting moms with other moms, mompreneurs, and mom-appealing businesses. List your blog, business, product, cause, contest, event, giveaway, employment need and more - for free! Each Tuesday we send a email to our mom subscribers featuring new listings for that week. Listings are free. Sidebar ads and sponsorships are available for more lasting exposure. ...more

My book, Waltzing Australia, just won a Mom's Choice Award. Does that make it ...more


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