My Life in Transition

First name: Julia. Last name: Goolia (for my internet existence, at least). I married Nate and then started this blog in 2007. Mom to Truman since 2010 ,Cecelia since 2012, and pregnant with baby 3, due 7.8.14. My kids are disgustingly cute and pretty much my world (mommy-blogger alert!) I'm also a part time Physical Therapist and a full time addict to black coffee, red wine, and running (when not pregnant). Also? I like to bombard you with an abundance of pictures. Hope you don't mind.

Show Stopper Christmas Cookies

I'm getting into the Christmas Spirit already, and yes I know Thanksgiving hasn't passed yet (I'm getting into the turkey-eating spirit, too, don't worry). Holidays, man, I love them.As a product scout for the...more

Flush and Wash and Be On Your Way!

I finally decided on a print for our newly updated bathroom, after many hours on Pinterest. ...more

Family Photos 2015 (Help on card choice, please!)

Dear Readers,We have received our family photos from Andrea and I would like to enlist your help in selecting a favorite for our Christmas cards. As I'm watching news coverage for the mass shootings in Paris, it feels a little silly to even discuss something as frivolous as family photos. And yet, I want to share anyway because my family is pretty much the most important thing in this (really horrible, really appalling, and also really beautiful) world ....more

Porter at Sixteen Months

Sixteen months is one of those odd markers, not quite as definitive as 'one year' or 'a year and a half.' But he ISN'T quite a year and a half just yet, so I will try to resist rounding up his age when people ask. Because he is still very much my baby and simultaneously GROWN at times. You feel me?So what is Porter-P up to at the age of sixteen months? ...more

Giveaway | Lovely Little Acorns Necklace

I received an email from Andrea, who owns Lovely Little Acorns, asking if I would be interested in a review and giveaway for one of her necklaces. She gave me a little background on herself as a Canadian mom to two little boys, and one who works outside of the home three days per week, also loving her little side business of making jewelry. I hadn't heard of the term 'mama metal' and was intrigued by the concept of a necklace that is hearty enough to withstand gentle putting by little hands ....more

A Super Mario Brothers Halloween

Halloween is the special time of year when children get an absurd amount of sugar in candy form, thus creating power struggles with their parents for weeks there after. (Can I have a piece of candy now? How about now? ...more

Giveaway | Costco Giftbasket (for the locals)

I'm not sure how many of you are in the Milwaukee area, but I'll give this a shot anyway. Do you belong to Costco? If so, are you as obsessed as many people seem to be with this store? ...more

These Are the Days of Our Lives | Fall 2015

Twenty-nine participants in this season's Day in the Life. Grab some popcorn and enjoy peeking into the lives of others. ;)A Messy Motherhood | FloridaMy Life in Transition | WisconsinBach to Reality | WisconsinLike Sands Through the Hourglass | Southern CaliforniaLife as I Know It | MinnesotaBetter Together | MinnesotaDriftless Living | WisconsinPiece of Our Life | GeorgiaDinosaurs and Bunnies | MinnesotaA Gurley Girl | TexasOld Lady and No Baby | OregonMama At Home | Swaziland, AfricaLiving with Intention | North DakotaNon Sequitur Chica | IllinoisLuna Chick Runs | WisconsinPeanut Butter Sandwich | WisconsinSaroy | TexasAll You Need is Love | Calgary, Alberta CanadaLiz at Ellie and Addie | MissouriRachel and John | Calgary, Alberta CanadaThe Timid Optimist...more

Porter at Fifteen Months

Let's make this brief (teeth clenched emoticon goes here)!Porter is a whopping fifteen months old and looks scary-big all of a sudden. A friend of ours that hadn't seen Porter since his birthday party saw us last weekend and remarked, 'Is THAT Porter?" She barely recognized the kid and I agree, he is changing so much!LOL.Officially walking from room to room now, which still boggles my mind since he wasn't even crawling at a year old. He is still much faster to crawl so sometimes that is his preferred mode of locomotion but I get major pride swells watching him toddle from the the dining room...and eventually into the family room ....more

A Day in the Life | Fall 2015

Nate and I are both 34, Truman is 5.5, Cecelia is almost 3.5, Porter is almost 15 months. And Henry celebrates the big 1-0 this month!Tuesday | October 6, 2015 6:30 am | Porter is up and is half-crying/half-talking in his crib. I lay in bed and try to will myself to be fully awake ....more