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Dog Training 101: Emergency Recall

Soon after the keepers at PDZA's Wild Wonders Outdoor Theater in Tacoma, Washington adopted Herald from the Humane Society, it became clear how he had ended up as a pound puppy. Herald liked to run away. This can be a problem with dogs under normal circumstances, even when they don't live at a zoo. Dogs who slip out the door unattended or sneak out under fences tend to be struck by vehicles, picked up by strangers or get into tussles with other animals. ...more

Saturday Suggestions

Link your post / blog / page at Saturday Suggestions:  Here        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

I'm new to blogHer and have loved getting to know everyone on this online community. I would ...more

Will Anyone Be Watching...

The Survivor Finale?  I can't wait.  The only one I really like is Matt but I hope Russell wins the online poll.        ~MonaMore MilestonesTwitter   ...more

We didn't have a chance to watch it last night -- I'm hoping we get to see it today.

I like ...more

The Snow and My Babies

A few weeks ago we had snow. This is a rare occurance here in Georgia. Gabriel (Sheltie) and Georgia (Pom) loved it so much I could hardly get them to come in the house. Lola on the other hand was not a happy bulldog. Can't you tell by the look on her face?...more

It kinda of sad but I have more of them on my phone than any human. ...more

Dog Lover

 I'm so excited to find a group that loves dogs! I have 3, an English Bulldog Lola, a Sheltie Gabe, and a Pom Georgia. We also have a very old cat Greg. Yes Greg, my son named this stray kitten 12 years ago,not sure where he got this much too human name. It's great to connect with likeminded women. Looking forward to hearing about your babies.

It grew on us and so has the cat. He's still here after 12 years. Cats must really have 9 lives.more

Boston Terrier with IBD

Hi everyone, I have a 2 year old Boston with severe IBD.  This is very different than IBS.  IBD is a genetic disease and tough to manage.  So I was wondering if anyone out there has a dog with the same disease?  My Rocky got sick 6 months ago and had 4 stays in the emergency room, 4 blood transfusions, and surgery!  I am wondering if someone out there can send me some advice on managing this disease so that Rocky stays in remission! Thank you - Carmell...more


I have a bull terrier that has had chronic issues with allergies and chronic diarrhea ...more

Without the Internet

Like many Americans, we are going through some tough times.  Because of that we will be losing our Internet access. I'm setting up scheduled posts so please continue to read and enjoy my blog.       ~Mona More Milestones ...more

Sorry to hear that Mona, hopefully soon you'll be able to get your internet back. In the ...more

Link Your 1st Blog Post

I started to write at the suggestion of my ICU nurse. There I was in my midforties unable to ...more

Do Co-Workers Read Your Blog?

Hi All,First let me tell you, I'm not a teacher but I am an office aide at an elementary.  I just had to get that out there.  It'd feel weird if I didn't.Anyway, do your co-workers read your blog?  Besides two teachers, no one at school even knows I have a blog.  I just don't want anything I write to come back to bite me in the ass.  I don't even give the names of my family....more

My parents actually made a comment about something I wrote - that they didn't like. ...more

Weird Things They Do

I have a Doberman.  He crawls under our bed to sleep.  Is that nuts?  There's like no room.  He is down on his belly, back legs dragging, crawling under the bed.  We've had another dobe and he never did that...plenty of other weird stuff but not that.What funky things do your furry friends do? ...more

see how that would be annoying.more

Lyme Disease

Dusty the Sailor Dog was diagnosed with Lyme Disease on Easter Sunday.  We were visiting our son out of state, and the morning after we arrived, Dusty went lame in his right paw.  Getting in and out of the Hummer even with a ramp is a challenge, so we just thought he had a slight injury.  A couple of days later not only was it not better, but he became lethargic and couldn't stand without help.  That was Easter Sunday.  We called a wonderful Vet in MN who spent 20 minutes on the phone with us and then called in a script for an antibiotic.  The next morning...more

There is also a lot of disagreement among vets over Lyme, symptoms,and vaccines. Even my vet ...more

Pippin the Great

Pippin says: Its Spring At Last!And he thinks "maybe now my mom will stop making me sit and pose and let me go roll in the mud some more!"Had to share this picture I took this morning.   What a daft dog....more

I love him and I love this photo!

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

Axel and the doggie nail file

I have no justification for this post, other than wanting to show my very manly Rottweiler boy giving himself a pedicure. That is all. ...more

Really adorable.

BlogHer Community Manager


Stormy weather....

So, I'm back. It took longer than I thought it would because life has been a little more hectic than usual. But with the weather report looking as bad as it is looking and our stress levels on over-drive, I figured this was a really good time to ask y'all for ideas and information. Again. Same dog as last time (for those who missed my last sob story: dealing with a dog who bites.) ...more

I'm not sure why the dog behaved so well during a bunch of storms AND fireworks, but he ...more

Dealing with a dog that bites?

Bear with me, this is going to be long and rambling. If I leave some info out that you need, in order to offer advice, please say so. (And I am open to advice as long as it isn't - get rid of the dog.) TW's elderly and disabled mom came to live with us right after Christmas. She brought a 5 year old very large shiztu with her. (When I say very large, I say this because nobody believes this is a shiztu because of its size. I know nothing about the breed to know whether he's really weirdly sized or not.) ...more

While TW's mom was in the hospital for five days, the dog wasn't what I'd call well behaved but ...more

Doggie diets!

I've made a few blog posts about my quest to get both Freya and Axel to their ideal weights. If you'd like to see what we've been up to, check out my shared items post! Wondering what you all are feeding, whether your dogs have any weight issues, and how you all keep your dogs fit and healthy?   ...more

Help me figure out what breed my little pup is!

Hi all! So, two weeks ago my boyfriend and I rescued a 9 week old, super mutt. She's absolutely adorable, smartest little puppy in the whole world, but for the life of us we can't fugure out what breed she is. The shelter told us she was a yellow lab/border collie mix... and I can see the yellow lab in her coloring, but other than that I can't see border collie AT ALL.  As her ears have continue to creep upwards daily, and her body becomes more and more muscular I am leaning towards lab/pitbull mix. Guesses?  ...more
She is a border colllie/ lab mix. A lot of border collies have a lot of muscle, as do labs. This ...more

Rally Obedience

Do any of you participate in Rally Obedience with your dog? I have decided to work towards some obedience titles with the lovely Freya, my 5.5-year-old spayed female Rottweiler. Rally seemed like a good place to start, so I will be blogging about our progress (hopefully forward progress!) from here on out. ...more

We qualified! It wasn't particularly pretty, but we now have one leg of the three needed for ...more

Pet Oxygen Masks

Fundraising efforts are underway across British Columbia, Canada to equip our fire departments with specially designed Pet Oxygen Masks. Thought I would share a snippet of my conversation with Chris Booth DVM who provided me with a source for purchasing these devices. ...more

Thank you so much for the pet mask link it's great to see all the good work she's done!


Are you Going to the Dogs?

Welcome to Going to the Dogs! I hope there are enough dog-loving BlogHers here to keep a group going. For now, let me introduce myself and my dogs. I'm Kathi Wilson and my current dogs are Rottweilers Freya and Axe. I have had Rottweilers for 15 years and definitely consider myself still a novice. I am also The World's Worst Dog Trainer, even though working with the dogs is something I truly do enjoy. ...more

There are two things I know.

1. I am really, really bad at Yoga. 

2. My pooch ...more


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