Girl geeks speak from the heart

Girl geeks in the Get Deeply Geeky session at BlogHer have been speaking from the heart. A number of women have been telling their stories about working in traditionally male areas of technology. I've heard a lot of emotion in the voices we've heard, and applaud these women for telling it like it is.

One thing that strikes me is that I've heard these stories before in other fields. I ran into similar situations as a lawyer and as a traditional journalist. There are lessons to be learned and solutions to be had there. Some ideas for solutions:

1. Mary Hodder (CEO of Dabble) told us that she can think of only four women CEO's who have founded tech companies. IMHO, the few women technologists who are at the head of the pack have an obligation to support other women (as Mary does, by the way). That means making a conscious effort to hire, promote, and mentor other women.

2. Get out of your current work situation if it's not working for you. Start your own business or join with other women.

3. Network with other women. We've heard a few specific ideas along these lines -- starting a mailing list for women in development, helping each other with technology questions, supporting women leaders with estroswarms. Let's do it.


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