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How do I insert a picture

 I can't find out how to place a picture in my posts.  HELPSparkling Thoughts,Linda"No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." ...more
Hi Denise- I've struggled with adding an image to my blog post all day today. I have no idea ...more

A book in Pictures

My grandson (aka Litte Man)  has me take him to the fire station EVERY SINGLE DAY!  Consequently I have a boatload of pictures.  Walking up to the fire truck, touching the fire truck, climbing into the fire truck.  You catch my drift, right?  I am thinking about writing a children's book for him about :Fireman Sam.  It just so happens these are his initials...Shiner Austin Moody.  What do you think?Sparkling Thoughts,Linda...more

come check out my pictures PLEASE? :-)

hi all, i am new to blogher, i love to take pictures and every day try to learn more and more about photography.  i am a nanny of three so often they are my subjects.  i would love for you to look at my work and give me any pointers and tips to make me better.  i am shooting with a d90 right now and more often than iphone  :-)  but i love to play and capture those every day moments in life.  i recently got married, so my new husband is also talked about, photo'ed often as welll...i can't help it!  ...more

Also, those cutest dishes in the world - TOTALLY CUTE. LOVE!

BlogHer Community ...more

Tough Decisions

As I'm sure you have realized, digital means we take a lot of photos, hundreds and thousands of photos.  If you're like us, you save them all, just in case!I'm learning that we have to make some tough decisions and start editing photos as we load them on the computer, if we wait, well, we end up where we are now, a hard drive slugging along with 10,000 photos on it.  Most of them BAD.I save all my family photos, even the terrible ones, but the other photos?  The ones that didn't turn out.  They need to be trashed....more

Knock knock!

I've been gone for a while, life has taken me away from this group, but I'm back. I see it hasn't had much activity lately. I'm interested in breathing life back into this little group? Are you with me? Kath Stewart...more

sounds good. as you know i just bought a "mirror" hard drive. not that i actually know what ...more

Checking up to see what you all have been up to.

Hello BlogHer friends,Haven't seen much activity here? Blog info: I just had a guest author write about protecting your photographs online and on January 13th I'll show some example of how to do what she wrote about :)   Hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!!Janice SullivanSJP "Sullivan J Photography"

Anyone Else Attending Photo Walk Across America?

Are there any other BlogHers attending the I Heart Faces Photo Walk Across America? I'll be in Columbus. I'd love to know if any other BlogHer photographers are attending in any other cities (or mine!). I'm excited!   ...more

Share Your Photography Loves

It's my birthday week and I'm writing a bit about things I like/love. Today I talked about my most recent photography loves including a brief review of the Nikon d90, a photo of everything that fits in my new Epiphanie bag, links to my camera strap maker, my new favorite iPhone app and a few photography blog link loves. ...more

PS: The link to my photography favorites is more

It's been awhile!

Hello Ladies, Boy, it's been awhile since i have been on BlogHer!  I'm glad they have changed it up a bit.  I wanted to post my latest Blog How to...It's called, "Fixing your Photo Story".  The one previous to this is about HDR, if you are interested.  Hope all is well with you all!! Janice SullivanSJP "Sullivan J Photography" ...more

How do you motivate yourself?

Hello all,Just wanted to say hello!  I just posted to my blog today.  It has been awhile since I have done any networking.  How do you motivate yourself ?  Would love to read up on your motivation tips :)Thanks,Janice  ...more

Project 365 - 365 days, 365 photos

Project 365 is about taking one photo a day for 365 days and posting it somewhere where people can look at them. Beyond that, there are no rules, although some groups of people have rules in their individual groups. Project 365 is on Twitter (using #365), Facebook, Flickr, and, no doubt, elsewhere. There are dozens of groups at least in various places doing this, and people are all over the map in their stage of the project. ...more

Hey!  I'm doing this same sort of thing!  I was inspired by -their day ...more

Chance to win $40 Gift Certificate to -- online photo books and digital printing

Here's a link to a post about online Eco Friendly printing services -- and an offer to win a $40 gift certificate to their eco friendly recommendation of Check it out -- deadline to enter is September 22 at 11:59 p.m. Eco Friendly Photo Printing | Photo Printing Services ...more

Photography and Walking

I just discovered a blog of women who are combining walking and photographing. It's called Creatively Fit. Very cool to "see" other women's morning walks. It's also great motivation for finding time to get a walk in. You can check them out at...  Do you photograph when you are out walking?  ...more

This site, Creatively Fit, is a really great site!  I found that while walking, your ...more

Macro & Close-Up Photography information.

Hello Ladies,   Patti has inspired me to let you know that I also have a series of photog tips... but mine are about photographing up close.   When you have time, check it out and let me know if you have any questions about macro photography that I can post in the all can help me update my blog, lol! Hope you enjoy it! Cheers, Janice     ...more

Food Photography Tips & Tricks Series

Hello fellow BlogHer members.  I've produced a four-part series on Food Photography Tips & Tricks following an exhausting day with a team of pro food stylists (so I could learn myself, you understand!).  My new camera arrives tomorrow (woooo hoooo) and I'm dedicated to doing a much better job with my food photos.  Please read, if you're interested and COMMENTS ALWAYS WELCOME! Best to you, Patti Londre, Worth The Whisk ...more

Thanks for sharing...I will definitely check it out :) 


Janice ...more

Suggestions/Opinions Needed

Just wondered if anyone had time to share their opinion on a lens for my camera. I figure you are the best people to ask, but I completely understand if you are too busy! I want to take pictures of my girls, our family, our friends children/families with bright colors and a blurry background. I am deciding between the 50mm 1.8 (under $100), 50mm 1.4 ($370) and maybe the 85mm 1.8 ($410). I am reading TONS of info/opinions online, I think I'm leaning towards the 50mm 1.4 though. ...more

Hi Jennifer,

I have the 85mm 1.8 and it's one of my favorite lenses. I just love the ...more

Photography Questions...ask here :)

I have a guest author this week on my blog discussing, "A Few Tips to Become a Good Macro Photographer" (for beginners).  When you have time check it out at  This post gave me an idea to submit this forum topic, "photography Questions" ...more

Hello  :)

For portraiture the best lens to purchase, I believe, is the Canon 70-200mm ...more

Wildlife Photography

Hello everyone!  I live in Southwest Florida and I'm a pet and wildlife photographer.  I'd love to hear if you do wildlife photography and if so, what type do you photograph?  Trisketta ...more

 Alligators and dolphins! Cool!

 I'm sad that I don't have a better camera. I have a ...more

Does anyone still shoot film?

I'm sure everyone has heard the news of Kodak retiring Kodachrome film today. Although the inevitable Paul Simon references have already gotten boring, and I have personally never used Kodachrome film because I never had the equipment nor the skill level to do so, I think we can all agree that some iconic and impressive imagery has been recorded with Kodachrome over the years. With that, I ask: does anyone here still shoot film as well as digital? What do you use film for as compared to what you shoot with digital? ...more


Newbie here. Greetings, all. 

Yes, I still shoot Fujifilm in black and white ...more

Hi folks!

New to the group. Avid photographer here. By avid I mean, I like to take them not necessarily skilled. LOL How is everyone? I will look around and make myself comfortable. Look forward to chatting it up with you ladies.  ...more

Sorry I have taken so long to welcome you!  I have not been on Blogher for some time.  I am ...more


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