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I have been running a guest series on my blog for a couple of months now about anxiety & depression. I'm calling it the Not Alone series.I found so much help in reading others' stories and sharing my own when I'm in the grips of depression. I've found depression to be incredibly isolating, but we are not alone.If you would be interested in sharing your story, you can shoot me an email at Thank you!

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By Cristi, Mom of 2, From My 3rd Baby: EllieAdorn ...more


MOMMY MEDITATIONS BRINGS NEW SOLACE TO WOMEN WITH POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION Over 80% Of New Moms Experience Postpartum Symptoms      Los Angeles, Ca (June 15, 2010) – New moms experience a variety of feelings when their baby arrives, including love, joy and happiness. But when those wonderful feelings turn to depression, agitation and anger, the job of being mommy can feel overwhelming and even unwelcome....more

You're Not Alone

There's no more shame in having depression (or postpartum depression) than having pneumonia. It's usually biological in nature and it can strike at anytime. One thing you can do on your own, or in addition to a Dr. recommended course of action, is meditation. Mommy Meditations is an audio product for new mothers that teaches them how to meditate....more

PPD Survivors at BlogHer10 Unite for a Photo: Welcome to All

Are you a survivor of postpartum depression/anxiety/OCD/psychosis/post-adoption depression/antepartum deression?  Want to inspire women who are currently suffering? ...more

Rita Arens @ritaarens

Rita Arens authors Surrender Dorothy ...more

hmmm maybe I should be here?

Hi Ladies   I am new to Blogher and blogging and mamahood.... I think i am suffering a little PND - definitely moody and definitely have anxious moments. Love the whole mama thing, but it was a surprise and also have gone from city living to country living.... so all to be expected I guess - lately I am struggling with self image.......  check out post - love to hear from you.    ...more

What's your story?

So we're all in this group b/c the title spoke to us in one way or another.  So what's you're story?  I have a 10 month old son, and while i was pregnant with him I was depressed beyond comprehension.  So many times I contemplated suicide, but I thought of my baby.  And I'm so glad I did. ...more

That's such a hard thing to admit - and whether he's one month or one year - it's so good for ...more


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