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Another newbie!

Hey everyone!  I'm Erin and half of a team of best friends who do a beauty/military blog, Made-Up In America.  Seems like an odd combination, but it really embraces what we love the most.  I'm a special education math teacher and Trinnie works for USAA as a Member Relationship Specialist.  We review and discuss beauty and cosmetics, but also include elements on budgeting and savings in this area.  We haven't been blogging for too long, but we hope to review specials and deals at your local exchange, as well as reviewing ones you should stop at during your next PCS!...more

I've known a lot of women who struggled to find a good salon at their new duty stations. Does ...more

Who is going to BlogHer?

Hi you guys! I'm so glad I found this group! I've been a BlogHer member for ages, and keep finding cool new spots.My name is Julie, and I work with Blue Star Families as the Blue Star Museums program manager. I hope you all have heard of Blue Star Museums! We partnered with the National Endowment for the Arts to offer free admission to military families at over 850 museums nationwide. We're all military families in some way or another there at Blue Star Families!...more

I'm New :)

Hello all :) I am a girlfriend to a United States Marine that's based overseas. I figured I'd introduce myself and tell you all about my blog :) My Marine and I met via Facebook almost three years ago, but lost touch over a little bit of time. In August 2009, we started talking and dating and by December 2009, we finally met!...more

Hi Everyone

I am a Navy Wife since 2008, with to wonderful children, my daughter, (13) and our son, (1).  I just found the BlogHer site, and would love to make some new friends, especially with you ladies out there who are fellow Military Wives!   I just wanted to say hello and hope to hear from you all soon!     Sailor's Girl ...more

Where are you stationed? (Happy Memorial Day!)

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager

Just saying hello!

I am new to the world of blogging, but I thought I would start one to help myself while DH is in Okinawa. We made the decision that he would go unaccompanied, so it's me and the kids by ourselves for 2 years. I thought having a blog might let me release some frustration without him having to hear it. I found this site through a google search, but I'm here!!   Kara   Visit my blog:

fighting the war on terror with a mop and a broom

i start work tonight on my new shift 2200 to 0600, i dont think ive ever had to stay up during those hours and it will be spent sitting in a geedunk or "snack shop" for the small hand full of people who also have to work at those hours. Ill serve them coffee and small snacks if anyone come to get them at all. Im on "hold" in the military waiting for a new job and also for my husband to come to san diego in april. He's been on the USS Carl Vinson in Norfolk, VA and now floating off the coast of Haiti to help with the relief of the earthquake....more

Twitter names

There is a good chance that I am connected with some of you on twitter, but I would love to connect with all of you. Would you share your twitter name with me?thanksSusanna Make PCSing easier read or write a review about a current or past military duty station. We thank you for your and

Wanted to introduce myself

Hi, we currently live in Olympia, WA and are stationed at Ft.Lewis. We are scheduled to move again next year but we'll see if that really is going to happen. In the meantime I am waiting for my husband to make it back from Iraq and hold down the fort. My hobby is pretty much my website and my blog.Thanks, y'all. SusannaMake PCSing easier read or write a review about a current or past military duty station. We thank you for your

Sorry that was a lot of I am's ...

:-)Make PCSing easier read or write a review about a ...more


Hi everyone! I'm new to blogher, and also to this group, but wanted to introduce myself. My name is Sonya Audrey. I'm 24, Navy wife and also Navy venteran. My husband and I have two little girls together, and he's stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC, but we're getting ready to PCS to Newport, RI in May. I'm in college right now getting my degree in studio arts. It's nice to meet other people who are in similar situations. :) sonya

A big change indeed! Hope your move goes smoothly. I have been on Camp Lejeune only once (on ...more

Just wanted to introduce myself

Hi! I'm Amy...I'm 28 and married to my best friend. We're and Air National Guard family, here in 'Lil, yeah...just trying to get my feet wet, and get to know some people on BlogHer!"So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love." 1 Corinthians

Hi there - I am going around sayin' HI - kinda fun. Li'l Rhody -is that Rhode ...more

Operation Valentine 2010 at Camp Pendleton, CA

On Sunday, January 10, 2010, approximately 760 volunteers will meet at Camp Pendleton to pack 2400 Valentine care packages for the 1st Marine Division – 3 battalions.   This is the annual district event for 14 Orange county chapters of the  National Charity League.   In addition to the care packages, we will provide approximately $15,000 in gift cards to  the families of our Marines, living in and around Camp Pendleton. ...more

Do you have a website? I would be happy to tweet your ...more

Just venting!

waiting for this base to close and praying we get the orders we want  with good schools done 15 years of navy in San Diego now in TX looking for a move to VA any comments on where to live in VA OR FL. ?? ...more



I am from Florida and my mom was stationed in JAX and in Pensacola. ...more

When your spouse is away... what routines do you do?

When your military spouse is on deployment, TDY, etc, what do you do to keep yourself going?  Do you have routines, rituals or something that changes when s/he is gone? I'll start, even though my husband has only been gone for two weeks.  Right now, he's not deployed, just at his new duty station while I stay behind to sell the house.  ...more

Stay busy... VERY busy.


My husband is ALWAYS away so we keep the same ...more


So what do you think is the hardest thing about PCSing?  I'm going through my first one right now and the toughest thing so far is that my hubby will be moving without me until our house sells here. ...more

Oh my gosh, Denise... that's horrible!


Come visit me at my blog at ...more


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