BlogHers: Love The Way They Look!

Take a look at this and I'll tell you what I see - two women, blogged to be completely sober and humping each other - you will see pictures like these ALL OVER the internet as bloggers recap the BlogHer Conference of 2006 and confess their love for each other, "DUDE...I love your blog...and where did you get those rockin' shoes!?!"

What else would you expect?

"B" is for BlogHer - A bunch of women bloggers attending a conference and posting pictures of shoes, bags, t-shirts, hair and breasts - you know...all things pink and "fluffy" - is that what BlogHer '06 was all about?

Our own Denise (Daily Dose) argues...YES and NO...and YES, it's worth attending:

That fluff is an example of what makes male bloggers and women bloggers different. That fluff is good stuff, don't sell it short. Don't be fooled into thinking Bloghers are just a bunch of foofoo women who aren't getting things done, who aren't networking, who aren't learning from each other, who aren't sharing hugely important topics and stories.

And goes on to explain the association between a BlogHer Con and fluff - it's a good thing:

Women can address topics of importance and not lose sight of the fun, the fluff. A woman can be talking microformats one minute and then coo appreciatively over a great pair of shoes the next minute. A woman can be talking about politics in one breath and squeal in delight as she sees her favorite blogher from across the room.

Blogging naked is one thing - this, coming from someone who's job it is to blog all know...the fluff - but, introducing yourself to your blogging buddies and BlogHer superstars (who are always good for a lick)and posting pictures like Lady M did, as she reunites with a childhood friend, Mir...yummy!

I mean, just look at those two gorgeous women and (especially for those of us...*heavy sigh*...who did not attend BlogHer) you'll soon learn to appreciate the "fluffy pics."

Because...well...not only is it in BlogHer's nature to give each other a virtual hug, or two - "new do" is awesome and that blouse is very complimentary color for you! - it's a Guy-thing, too:

Had a great time at BlogHer today. Here are the pictures that I took. You’ll see about thirty pictures in this looplet. To see all 113 pictures, click on the looplet.

To share this loop with other people, send them this URL:

If you see yourself in the loop (or can identify people), please send me the frame number and the blog address, and I’ll link the picture to the blog.

Ah - I'm beginning to see a "trend" here - good old-fashioned linky love, perhaps that (and over 4,000 pictures tagged BlogHer) is what Conference '06 is all about.

Not to mention, giving out some "free" cool stuff:

This is everything that attendees got in the conference bag. It included something I’ve never gotten in conference bag before [condoms]!

[via: Guy Kawasaki - also, very lickable...I mean...likeable!]


So, with that said and without further adieu - c/o BlogHers in attendance and Flickr - I present to to you...THE FLUFF!

Beth Kanter's photoblogging the shoes and the bags of BlogHer and - having a bit of a footwear fetish, my ownself - if I had t pick my favorties, they would have to be (in order of pics shown):

Lisa Stone's pedicure (Roooowwr!)

This lovely "unidentified" pair of wedged sandals ( the BlogHer '06...are these pedi-cuties!?!)

Mothergoosemouse's awesome handbag - yes, that's her baby and she's one stylin' mommyblogger!

[Hat tip: Dragongirl, Jules...rockin' post]

Boobs (YES!) they are everywhere:

Especially in Mary Tsao's pics and Mandajuice's Boob Circus!

And they can be very difficult to address...but, IzzyMom and Jennster look simply fabulous in these hot-looking summer tops!

Focusing a little higher above the boobage - my favorite pic on the best of BlogHer hair:

So, you wanna talk about hair?

I say we make Liz Henry our "Look of BlogHer" - 'cause she's sooo got it goin' on!

Don't you think?

There you have it - my BlogHer '06 favorite pics/picks - and if you were lucky enough to attend the BlogHer Conference, then you must know by now that women bloggers come in many different types, shapes and colors.

But, the one thing BlogHers have in common is that they all have heart - and that is not only worth a my BlogHer's damned HOT!

Besides the fact that I'm totally...JEALOUS!...and can't wait to report on the "fluff" at BlogHer '07, in person...because green is sooo NOT my color!

Do you have a favorite BlogHer look?


Contributing Editor Elizabeth Thompson also writes for The Imperfect Parent.

[Blogging Gloves via Sue Richards]


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