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Baby Registry Must-Haves?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and starting to wade through the seemingly endless options for baby gear.  I already have a bouncy chair (it matches my bedding and found it on sale), a Snugli carrier, a grooming set and a Sophie garaffe (the latter were all purchases at the recent Babies R Us sale).  I'm looking for a list of must-have items, and more specifically, the best brands/products for each. Any suggestions?  Thanks in advance!

Nasty Vaccine-Preventable Diseases are Just a Plane Ride Away

Thanks to immunizations, we are so close to eradicating diseases such as polio, measles, mumps, and pertussis that we widely regard them as a thing of the past. Other countries are not so lucky. People living in parts of Africa, South America, Asia, and Eastern Europe do not have easy access to immunizations, and are all too aware of the devastating effects of these nasty and preventable diseases....more

Just wanted to say hi

I've finally decided to become active around here and decided the New Moms group was the perfect place for me.I live in Minneapolis, MN and I'm expecting my first baby in June.  I still can't believe it's actually happening!As I go through this whole motherhood process, I'm sure I'll be coming here seeking all sorts of advice and anecdotes!!-Jess...more

Crazy Mom

Okay, I'm a new Mom-AGAIN! This is my 2nd child and in order to keep some sanity I've begun a blog with funny. short little snipets from my day or week or my kids. It's pure entertainment to write and gives me a few moments each day to go inside my own head without anyone crying- Well, maybe sometimes me....... ...more


Anyone out there have any luck with furniture for there babys. Babys R US hasn't impressed me much. All the other stores have there cribs and such online. I saw a couple on JCpennys I like just wondering how the quality is? ...more


Location Singapore Hello mommies, I joined blogher in 2009 before delivery of my 1st daughter. I JUST returned to blogher (almost 3 years has passed) and now I am a mother of 2; elder one has turned 3 and younger one is 18mths old!  My site for your viewing >    ...more

Hi! I'm a newbie!

I am new at being a mom and a newbie at BlogHer! I look forward to grumping and groaning with all of you on the trials and tribulations of being a new mom!   I vent ponder and postulate at my blog over at   Can't wait to chat with all of you! xo  ...more

Congrats New Moms!

It's fun and scary and magic!  I remember when my daughter was a newborn - back when Dinosaurs Roamed the Earth....  but it can be overwhelming and confusing too.  Please visit my blog or my website,, for information about handmade, custom ordered Nursing Wraps for breastfeeding moms at affordable prices!  And feel free to ask me questions if you like - it isn't easy to be a new mommy!  Since I am an old one, I may have an answer that helps. ...more

Kids can be so stubborn!

I made chicken and fried rice for dinner tonight. It. Was. Delish. Gracie wasn't hungry when dinner was done, so I let her wait a little while before eating. (We'll do the sit-down-with-the-family-dinners when we have a kitchen table... Until then we'll keep it casual.) ...more

Breastfeeding and supplements

I am breastfeeding my daughter Kairi. Gracie, her big sister, was formula fed. I chose to breastfeed this time around for a number of reasons, but mostly because formula is just a hassle. ...more
It could be an issue with the formula. Dairy is a common allergen and standard formulas are made ...more


Hi, everyone. Welcome to the group. This is the first group I've created, so if it seems a little spotty, bear with me. I guess I should start things off with an introduction. My name is Erin. I'm 25, SAHM of 2 beautiful little girls - Gracie, 4, and Kairi, 1 month.  I started this group because I know that we all need a place where we can connect with people we can relate to. Especially now - when we've just gotten home with a new baby. There is so much new territory to explore, and no one wants to go it alone.  ...more

Hello. I am Danielle, a 30-something SAHM. I have a son, Dustin, who just turned ...more


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