What is the Room of Your Own?

One of BlogHer's guiding principles is that this is a do-ocracy. If you want something to happen, then do it yourself!

That principle led us to introduce a concept at least year's BlogHer called the Room of Your Own session. Last year Lisa described it in this post. Here's a key excerpt:

How do you subvert the dominant hierarchy?

You give up control. That's one of the things I want to do at BlogHer's July 30 conference.

Here's how: Welcome to "The Room of Your Own" a part of BlogHer's conference run by, for and of women attending.

Why? Because being audacious enough to suggest we hold this thing, doesn't mean I think I know what you want. So the room of your own is a testament to BlogHer's mission to community-based education and exposure.

Yes, we're still planning a full conference with speakers and trainers and an uber-schedule. But in this way, BlogHer is a do-ocracy. As in do-it-yourself. Is there something you want to talk about at BlogHer's Conference '05? Do it! Do it here. Tell the community and they'll come. Or help!

The Room of Your Own concept proved to be so popular that we had to reserve a second room for Room of Your Own sessions. Some of last year's most popular sessions were put on by the community, including sessions about MommyBlogging, Teen blogging and feminist hip-hop blogging.

Room of Your Own sessions have the same infrastructure as any other session: power, WiFi, strong coffee. Room of Your Own sessions are promoted the same as any other session in all Conference schedules and communications. Room of Your Own sessions are the embodiment of the BlogHer mission!

We have six open Room of Your Own slots, and we are taking proposals now!


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