I say Tomaaaaaaahhhhhto!

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August means the start of tomatoes declares Michelle at Je Mange La Ville. Consequently, seasonal eaters are celebrating this late summer fruit all over the web. Granitas, sandwiches, pastas, salads and more. Even a food fight. There is something tomato here for everyone...


Maki at I was Just Really Very Hungry makes tomato granita.
City Mama at Family Food whips up an Icy Cold Tomato Soup.
Cookie Crumb at I'm Mad and I Eat reminds us to defrost any of last year's tomato crop still lurking in the freezer ready to make way for the new harvest.


Laura Rebecca's Kitchen gives us a simple Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce.
As well as tomato, Catherine of Albion Cooks adds some zucchini and pesto to her spaghetti.
Boo_licious from Maki Maki makes a cooked tomato sauce for her linguine.


Even before war broke out in the Lebanon, Kady of Gourmetish was sending out a strong message with her Tomato Peace Tart.
Amanda & Debbie at Exclusively Food baked a beautiful tart with a soft, cheesy tomato filling and a crispy, flaky pastry base.


Ms_Stevi at Bread and Butter is making my mouth water with a open sandwich piled high with a Greek dish for beginners: Dakos salad.
Proponent of the South Beach Diet, fellow Blogher contributing Editor, Kalyn, has featured not one but two different tomato and garbanzo beans on her Kitchen blog recently.
Another Blogher CE, Elise, from Simply Recipes, is also in the mood for garbanzos. She features a Chickpea and Tomato salad on her blog.
Barbara Fisher of Tigers and Strawberries takes a fresh direction by adding non-traditional Thai flavours to her delicious-sounding tomato salad.


Back to Elise for her take on the tomato, basil and tomato salad. Her angle? She uses heirloom tomatoes.
Michelle at Je Mange La Ville uses home-grown Roma tomatoes for her rendition.
Yoony at Immaeatchu, on the other hand, swaps out the mozarella for a soft pillowy burrata.

Grow Your Own:

I have nothing but admiration for those bloggers with green fingers and thumbs.
Farmgirl celebrates the first tomatoes of the season by making Summer in a Bowl.
Green Zebra or orange? Find out over at The Restaurant Widow.
Over at The Ethicurean, Miss Steak reflects on the eagerness with which she visited her grandmother's kitchen garden. She made the trip, thinking it would make excellent material for her new blogging endeavour. But when she left, disappointed in the lack of flavour in the home-grown tomatoes, she realised that having spent time with her family was far more important than the story itself.
Cookie Crumb bemoans the state of her very green tomatoes. She wonders if they might ripen by January? Maybe she shouldn't have defrosted last year's bounty so fast?!

Food Fight:

If nothing ever becomes of Cookie Crumb's fruit, maybe she can take it out on them by throwing them at something instead.
A food fight has already started over at The Metrocurean.
Kung Foodie even has video evidence to prove it.
Duck! There is a tomato coming your way...

Blogher Contributing Editor:

Sam Breach likes her tomatoes classic, in a bread salad or even less traditionally prepared over at Becks & Posh.


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