Climbing Grier Mountain

My name is Lauren and I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, recipe developer, action-adventure seeker, photography lover, and world traveler. My focus here at CGM is to show readers my passion for life. Whether it’s telling a story through a delicious recipe for Foodie Fridays, taking pictures of friends on the ski slopes, or embracing the simple things in life on a Sunday’s about experiencing it all!

ten one-pot savory pumpkin recipes

If I could make every meal in a single pot, I would be a happy camper. Maybe it’s sheer laziness? Maybe it’s because there are only a few ingredients? ...more

brussel sprout & ginger roasted squash salad

You…..might make a friend with this salad. Anyone remember the Simpson’s episode when Lisa brings a salad to the family barbecue? They immediately all laugh and start to do the conga around the roast pig saying, “You don’t make friends with salad.” Possibly one of my favorite episodes in addition to the one where, Otto, the school bus driver says, “My name is Otto and, I love to get blotto.” Wait ....more

five minute cinnamon roll milkshake

The struggle is real. It’s Monday, and I’ve got a case of it. Is it me, or do the weekends seem to zip by at a cheetah pace once Labor Day ends? ...more

ultimate sweet potato totchos with chipotle aioli

I am flipping giddy today. Like jazz hands mixed with the Carlton dance excited. Isn’t that quite the visual? ...more

pumpkin swiss burger with fried sage

Have you ever been caught staring at someone? Nine times out of ten, I generally stare at people for three reasons: 1) they look familiar, 2) they are doing something wacky, or 3) they are attractive. More often then not, it’s because of number two ....more

ten decadent doughnut recipes

Do you ‘donut’ or ‘doughnut’? Wait. Does it really matter? ...more

chocolate peanut butter pumpkin granola

I am slightly embarrassed. In the five years I have been blogging, I don’t have a single granola recipe. Nothing ....more

easy quinoa beef meatball subs

I am a sucker for a good ol’ MEAT-AH-BALL (said in my best manly Italian voice). There’s something comforting and nostalgic about this round bite-sized little fellow. We all remember the movie,”Lady and The Tramp.” One of my favorite scenes….okay, besides when they first introduce the Siamese cats (those cats were effing CRAY) is when Lady and her man are sharing a big plate of spaghetti and meatballs ....more

easy breakfast sandwich pudding

It’s almost FRI- YAY! Aren’t four-day work weeks the best? Also, can we please celebrate September;...more

pumpkin apple cake with caramel sauce

I have a critical question for you this post Labor Day morning. For serious. Q: Do you like pumpkin beer? ...more