Ex-porn star Asia Carrera has unassisted home birth

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Earlier this summer, I read a story about former adult movie star Asia Carrera on Margaret Cho's blog that made my heart snap in two. Cho shared that Carrera's beloved husband, Donald Lemmon, was killed in a car accident in early June. He left behind a very pregnant Asia Carrera (just two months away from giving birth to their son) and their toddler daughter, Catty.

I've been fascinated with Asia Carrera for a long time. I felt I could relate to her somehow because she's half Asian like I am. I admit that's why she first caught my attention, but that's where the similarities end. In addition to having a successful porn career, Carrera is a MENSA member and a former college professor. And, since we're sharing, she is probably indirectly responsible for at least one of my two children, probably both. (And I bet I'm not the only one who can say that...)

Today comes news that Asia Carrera gave birth to a healthy baby boy (named Donny after his father) on July 31 via unassisted homebirth. That's right: at home, with no one else there to help her. (Her daughter was there). Carrera shares Donny's incredible birth story here.

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Asia Carrera: to quote Childbearing Hipster, you are "a total badass!" Congratulations to you and your family! Welcome to the world, little Donny!

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