Andrea's pink and gold first birthday party

I've been working on this post for two days now; fingers crossed I can actually finish this time!I sure am glad February is over my friends, because it hit us hard. ...more

Happy New Year!

Hey it's still January, I can say it! ...more

It's a Christmas miracle

You know, that I'm actually getting to blog. ...more

Wanna see my new house?

Hot damn, am I blogging? ...more

Movin' on up

Listen! ...more

I know what you did this summer

...Is what you'll be able to say when you finish this post! ...more

When they're in high school

That's when I'll get to blog again. ...more

Fun with needles

It's okay guys, we're just talking about sewing. ...more

Bautizo 2.0

Two years ago, I wrote about the baptism of my first child. Look at my little baby! This past Sunday, I put the family dress on my second baby and once again, we took our place at church for the second time ....more

Everything and nothing

Ugh, has it been nearly a month since I've been here? ...more