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New to BlogHer

Hi,My name is Iva and I am new to BlogHer. I blog about fashion, specifically dressing like a mom. I post several times a week, specifically about what I'm wearing. I'm looking for followers and to follow Canadian blogs. If you are interested drop by.IvaOne Chic Mom

Hello Torontonians, I'm new to the group.

Hello T.O. friends, I’m excited to have found this group. I began writing my blog entries when I was pregnant but officially began actively posting January 2012. I finally joined BlogHer June 2012 as well as Facebook and Twitter. There’s soo much to learn with so many great posts to read.By day I’m a High performance trainer and marketing associate for a couple of companies.  By night, I’m a wife, momma and online marketing freelancer.   ...more

Two Friends Willing to Share a Bed Needed As Roomies

My roommate and I would like to spend less on our hotel room and more on the town during the Blogher conference this year. That means four to a room and two to a bed. If you and a friend would like to bunk with us, please email me at and we can go from

Official Toronto Pre-BlogHer Meet Up!

So we spoke, and you spoke, and everyone spoke, and everyone listened, and... the pre-BlogHer meet-up on July 24th will be a late afternoon pub visit, GROWN-UP STYLE!...more

Looking forward to it. See you all there!more

New here

Hi everyone.   Just wanted to pop in to introduce myself.  I'm Stephanie, and I'm new to blogging and to BlogHer. I'm technically from Mount Hope; so I hope you don't mind me joining in with you Toronto ladies. ...more

Hello from Newbie

Hello Ladies, just wanted to drop by and say hello.  I see you had a meeting a few weeks ago, too bad I am too late for that.  I'm sure that was fun. Anyway, I just joined this community and I would like to connect with bloggers in my area.  My blog deals with a little of this and that, mainly, life with 2 kids under 2, arts and crafts, and the ins and outs of being an indie entrepreneur. Come by and say hi. Carla Visit my blog or ...more

Mission: Toronto Meet-Up a Success!

So we kicked it BlogHer style this past weekend with our get-together at Don Mills Brickworks. At first Mother Nature threatened to screw with us but then she said "just kidding!" and gave us so much sunshine that she may have scorched a few of us. ...more

Official Head Count: Who's Going to be there this Weekend?

So we have a time and a place now we just need to know how many are going to be at the Don Mills Brickworks this Saturday June 6th between 10 and 12pm. Catherine and I (Katie) will both be there with the offspring in tow, so don't hesitate to bring the kids if that's a deciding factor. ...more

Sorry I can't make it tomorrow, the girl and I were hit with a lovely cold yesterday, just in ...more

TO BlogHer Meet-Up: Location, Location, Location!

So we have the date, we have the time - and now we have the place! TO-area BlogHers, care to meet-up at... the Don Mills Brickworks! ...more

Hi, I'm totally new here, but will definitely be there.  I'll probably bring my girl, ...more

Mark Your Calendar Toronto-Area BlogHers, We've got a Date!

SIXTY DAYS PEOPLE! In just a mere sixty days BlogHer 09 will be hitting Chicago and some of us will be bracing for impact of bloggy proportions. In order to mentally prepare for the event let's have that little get together we were talking about a few days ago. And if you aren't going to BlogHer 09, let's pretend this is a mini BlogHer '09 that costs a whole lot less to attend. ...more

Everytime I do something like that, I feel like my mom too ;)

Anyhow, what exactly do ...more

Everything you wanted to know about BlogHer Conferences but was afraid to ask...

Any BlogHer Conference virgins in this group? I know there are a few members of this group who have been to at least one BlogHer conference (myself included) and I thought we could lend some of that funky knowledge to those who have questions. Pressing questions like: What should I wear? (think comfortable) Should I bother ordering business cards? (if you are there to build readers, then most definitely) I don't have a place to stay yet - HELP PLEASE (hint: well looky here) ...more

Emma, one of the reasons people love BlogHer is that it's laid back, low key and ...more

Blogher weekend room share

I'm going to post this in the appropriate section (room share for the conference) but just in case you guys can help me out, after being unable to find a roomie for the Sheraton, I had booked in the hostel -- but I just found a deal on TravelZoo that got me a room at the brand new Comfort Suites a 10 minute walk away from the Sheraton for $330 USD total for the weekend (Thursday to Sunday).  I cancelled the hostel. ...more

Let's have a Toronto-area pre-BlogHer meet-up in June...who's in?

BlogHer '09 in Chicago is less than 75 days away (!!!!) and we thought it would be great to do an official BlogHer pre-conference meet-up here in Toronto. Now before you say "Oh well, I'm not going to BlogHer this year so I might as well skip this post" - DON'T! This get together is open to both people attending and not attending BlogHer '09 and heck, we just wanted an excuse to get together. Whether you're going to BlogHer or not, you like hanging out with other bloggers, right? You wouldn't be skulking around this group otherwise, right? SO COME ON DOWN. ...more

There's a farmer's market there on Tuesday afternoons (3:30 - 7).

Otherwise, there's ...more


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