Who Are You Wearing?

"Who are you wearing?"

The question is asked over and over at parties, get togethers and most notoriously at red carpet events. Captions in magazines print the name of the designer of the clothing in the picture and not much else. People want what celebrities have so much that they are willing to buy fakes.
"Who cares?"(Disclaimer Alert: I appreciate fashion and think it is great when it is fun and not taken to serious extremes of oh say, identity replacement.)
Wear what your favorite celebrity is wearing, get a nose job, invest in dental veneers, straighten your hair, lose weight and of course conform to someone else's standards. Where will it all end?
You don't have the perfect body and face and hair and . . . . (an unreal and unobtainable ideal) and clothes, so something is wrong or you just don't measure up. Huh? Who decides what is "perfect" and why? I am astonished that people spend their time diagnosing appearance idosyncracies (not medical related) and then set out to erase them all. Who wants only vanilla ice cream?
I advocate that we embrace and celebrate our differences. Really appreciate the amazing jumble of appearances that make humans fascinating instead of trying to homogenize and perfect every last one of us. Raise your hand if you are fine just the way you are. I thought so. from my home blog at: http://allwaysoptions.blogspot.com

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