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What happened to this group?

I notice nothing has been posted since 2010. Are there still any Austin area BlogHers out there? Barbara Shallue writes about her life at, shares photos and information about photography at and is contributing editor of

BlogHer10 Warm Up Meet Up - Austin / Central TX

Hi Everyone -I'm getting super excited for BlogHer - just a month away!Having recently attended both Mom 2.0and EVO conferences (which were both fabulous), I've heard BlogHer is wild, crazy, and awesome...but as a newbie - it sounds a bit overwhelming. Austin & Central Texas BlogHer veterans and newbies - let's meet up before the conference to get to know each other, share stories and make (more) plans for conference fun. ...more

Hello, fellow Austinites!

Even though I joined BlogHer a while back, I'm just now really starting to explore the site.  I'm really excited to be able to connect with other Austin-area bloggers.  I've been blogging for years, but have never used it as a tool to network quite like this.  Looking forward to talking to you guys and sharing our love of blogging. ...more

I'm new on here as well (signed up a LONG time ago but just now getting on). I'm from San ...more

Mom Summit 2.0

Are any of you going to the Mom Summit 2.0 in Houston in February?  I've never been to a conference before -- should I go?  Is it worth the money/time?  What have been your experiences?...more

I've never heard of this conference...sounds interesting! Maybe something to shoot for next ...more

Austin BlogHer Holiday Party

That's right, it's a BlogHer Holiday Party! Join us at Central Market Cafe on North Lamar for some holiday mingling.  Austin and Central Texas bloggers and tweeters, bring non-perishable foods to donate to the Capital Area Food Bank.  There will be a scale to see just how many pounds of food we can collect, so break out those coupons, shop those sales, and bring those nonperishable donations!...more

I'm also going to the PW book signing tonight, but will do my best to also swing by the ...more

Is there an Austin Blogger Meet-up planned in Chicago?

Ladies, This will be my first Blogher and I'd love to meet up with some of  you in Chicago. How do we do this? Is there a meeting place?   Looking forward, IR ...more

BlogHer Austin Meetup - Saturday June 6th!

It looks like the best plan for our Austin (and nearby) BlogHer meetup is Saturday June 6th at 10:30 a.m. at Central Market Cafe on North Lamar. I'll get there a little early to establish some table space, and I will make sure I have a sign on the table! My goal is for inside, or outside in the shade. Basically, the meetup is just an opportunity for people to say hello and hang out, put some faces to the blogs. ...more

I somehow managed to put this on my calendar for next Saturday! Just realized I missed it. ...more

Hi Austin Ladies

Hello! I have been a member of BlogHer for over a year and have been pretty quiet on the site but cruise it often. This will be the first blogher conference I attend.   Who of you Austinites are going to Chicago in July?   Also, for any of you who are or KNOW a stepmother, I'd like to extend the following invite to any of you (this posted on my site last week) Local Ladies: ...more

I am moving to Austin at the end of this year and would love to connect with other ladies in ...more

Austin (and nearby) BlogHers, introduce yourselves!

I'm Skye, from Flooded Lizard Kingdom and Heroine Content, among others.  (Yes, I have delusions of keeping up with multiple blogs.  Someday I will get help.)  I live in South Austin, work from home, fix blogs, make lists, and often ask other people to pick out outfits for me when I go to important events. ...more

I live in Pflugerville. We've now been in the Austin area for 4 years and I still love it :) ...more

Austin BlogHers (and Neighbors), let's do the meet up thing in June! Talk to me, y'all!

You know they can't have a bunch of local BlogHer meetups without Austin! For those who are going to the BlogHer conference, it's now less than 90 days away, so we thought those who are going might want to gather and say "hi" ahead of time to reduce the anxiety factor for newbies... ...BUT how much more fun would it be to have all the BlogHers come to the party? So this event is for those going to the conference, want to go but can't, don't want to go, never heard of it - whoever! ...more

Looks like the 6th worked best for most ...more


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