Roasted Strawberry & Vanilla Almond Parfaits

Have you ever experienced roasted strawberries? If not, there is no time like the present. Roasting, especially along with a drizzle of balsamic, brings out the best of the bright red berries and really makes their sweetness pop ....more

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cheesecake

If you’ve ever perused the archives on this site, it wouldn’t take long to notice that I am a die-hard fan of cheesecake. I adore all kinds: carrot cake cheesecake, apple pie cheesecake, pear and ricotta cheesecake, even egg nog cheesecake. This delicious recipe combines two of my favorite things, chocolate chip cookie dough and the creamy decadence of cashew based cheesecake ....more

Red Potato & Watercress Soup

Today I wanted to share one of my most beloved recipes, which comes from my 2nd cookbook, Great Gluten-Free Vegan Eats from Around the World. I am head over heels in love with this soup. Its red potato base gives it an undeniably familiar taste for anyone who loves potato soup, while the watercress adds a crisp note and fresh green color to the presentation ....more

Cinnamon Applesauce Muffins

The other day my husband was begging me to make muffins–but not just any muffins. He requested the type of muffin that one my find in a bakery–you know the kind: fluffy, spongy, and oh-so-tender. A muffin that begs you to have another, and another… I gladly accepted the challenge and came up with these slightly sweet muffins, which–to my mind–are quite reminiscent of a slice of applesauce cake ....more

Rocky Road Brownies

Lately, despite the oftentimes smothering temperatures we’ve been having here in Philly this summer, I’ve been craving brownies. Hard. A couple weeks ago I baked up a double batch of my ultimate fudgey brownies for my son’s 12th (twelve!!!!!) birthday at his request in place of cake, and ever since then I couldn’t shake my […] ...more

Blueberry Cheesecake from “Choosing Raw”

(Photograph by Hannah Kaminsky) This recipe comes from one of my longtime blogging friends, Gena Hamshaw, of Choosing Raw. Her debut cookbook, which hit shelves last week is also titled Choosing Raw. This book is a gorgeous collection of fast and healthy eats that truly includes something for everyone ....more

Blackberry Mojito Overnight Refrigerator Oats

This recipe comes courtesy of best-selling cookbook author Kathy Hester and Page Street Publishing–from Kathy’s new Book OATrageous Oatmeals. This effortless recipe is a delicious–and healthy–way to chill out this summer!...more

Mexican (not) Fried Ice Cream

The other day as I was perusing pinterest I came across a fun twist on a dessert I have always loved, Mexican Fried Ice Cream. Granted, the version I saw used a non-ice cream filling and a totally different “fried” outside, but none-the-less, the idea had me excited to try my own spin on it! I opted to use krispy rice cereal as the base for the perfect crunchy outside, and after one bite, I was smitten ....more

Salted Chocolate Cashew Butter

This recipe couldn’t be easier, and arguably, any more delicious! As a strong contender for “the next big thing”, cashew butter is quickly becoming one of my favorite treats. And, as always, chocolate–especially salted–makes everything better ....more

Peach Daiquiri Sorbet

Peaches are a telltale sign of the impending summertime (it’s coming!). The fragrant and fuzzy fruit appear just as the weather warms and the days grow nice and long. Peach season–lucky for us–has already begun and will continue all the way through August ....more