In the Bustling Newsroom

I'm picturing myself in my dream-job in a bustling newsroom over here in imaginary Blogheropolis. My paper sleeves are rolled up with elastic bands, my green visor's rakishly tilted, maybe I'm wearing some kind of vest thing with a watch in the pocket, and I'm knocking back a glass of scotch as I bounce from the teletype to my olivetti typewriter, that same one that travelled all over the world with me... and the Blogher UnTimes women are busy all around me, yelling across their desks and pounding out stories! Waving mysterious, important sheaves of paper... I've got this whole weird fantasy out of 70s Superman and Spiderman cartoons along with maybe Horatio Alger. Me and Pam of Nerd's Eye View are riffing on this over IM. Wow, I'm having a blast being part of the setup.

We were just saying how amazing y'all are. Not just the setup, but the energy here in our busy newsroom... All volunteers and all intense, smart, amazing, outspoken, writing women. I'm so excited to see all this rise quickly out of our combined talents! Y'all kick ass.


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