Defining Decade

It is Wednesday morning, which means…. 7:50AM huddle? Denture day? ...more

satisfied and hungry

I've been away from Penn on my oral surgery externship and learning a lot. None of this hair net life (pout optional) for a week-- just scalpels, I&D's, and many many extractions. I swear this is what my dad thinks I do as a dentist.. ....more

What I talk about when I talk about dentistry

It's beautiful April. The weather's nice enough that L and I are walking everywhere. Flowers are blooming in Rittenhouse Square in the most gorgeous way ....more

being positive/ dentist as my identity

I passed my boards everyone!!!! My assistant Valerie and I had almost one hundred cats between us: her socks, my shoes, our bags... I knew when I saw those meow-ey faces that it was going to be a good day.I had a profound experience last week ....more

Worst week of my life

January 21 ~ 28, 2016. That week is going to deserve a special chapter in my biography because my emotions were SO up and down....more

On not matching into a residency

I am writing from a house-converted coffee shop in Dallas! This week's trip was supposed to be for celebration. Celebrating being done with boards and matching into the program of my dreams.. ....more

one week to licensure.

I’m monitoring my blood pressure these days leading up to the exam because I’m starting to feel it (126/78 this afternoon). The knots in my stomach, waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I’ve forgotten something, the many dreams I can't remember. If only I can get to exam day and have that patient in the chair, I’ll be okay ....more

so this licensing thing (and how I want to live)

This whole boards & licensure thing is enough to make anyone grind their teeth down to nubs. Look at this unhappy dentist from Freaks and Geeks: In the final year of dental school, we have to perform a live exam completing:-2 fillings (one anterior and one posterior)-one quadrant of scaling and root planingunder a total of ten hours (7 for the first, 3 for the second) in one day.The entire process spans on for weeks preceding. We search radiographs and screen patients for the perfect lesion, one that is big enough to require a filling but not too big ....more

Developing our secret dentist language

Past few weeks in highlight reel: December highlights -denture parade! Dentures involve a lot of lab work and all those hours finally paid off in December....more

Post orthodontics match day.

December. Here we are. The beautiful Rittenhouse Square I’ve been sick since Thanksgiving and slowly turning into a sloth ....more