Northern Exposure

Hi! I’m Shayla, a twenty-something journalist and photographer, living in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario. I’m always seeking to have more fun, make more memories, and uncover and share the beauty in our day-to-day experiences.


Review: Live Clean Dry Body Oil

I’m a bit of a lotion hater. I’ll use it, especially when my skin feels dry, but I always feel bothered by that lotion-y feeling that sticks around on my hands after applying it. Even light lotions can irk me a bit! ...more

Harvest 2015: Beans

Ah, beans. If all else fails, I can grow beans. I tried pole beans this year along with planting the rest of my Contender bush beans from last year, as well as a few rows of Tendergreen bush beans ....more

Head Up, Love

When I was pregnant with M, and when she was a teeny infant, I listened to The Lumineers and Mumford and Sons and other artists of that genre a lot. Our radio stations always seem to be a few months behind and usually play the kind of Top 40 stuff I don’t love, and when we have Sirius I blast 90s grunge — but at home, with Songza or other radio apps, I’d set it to folk rock (is that the right genre? I don’t know) and enjoy ....more

Colour Your World

I resisted the adult colouring book trend for quite some time. I’m not sure why — I’m usually a bandwagon-jumper, but I guess I felt like I didn’t have a lot of time to devote to hobbies, especially colouring. Then a friend shared her new Instagram account that features colouring, and talked about the impact colouring has had on her life ....more

Harvest 2015: Cucumbers

Last year, I attempted to grow cucumbers from seed. By the time the frost set in I had one tiny cuke, maybe two inches long, spiky and tough. It never amounted to anything edible ....more

Freedom Clip Update/Perfect Pod

I thought I’d share an update on the Freedom Clip we tried out to see if we could brew our own coffee in our Keurig 2.0. Unfortunately, it’s not a great update — both of the Freedom Clips we had broke, one after another, in the span of a few months. The plastic snapped in both cases. I’m not sure of the exact circumstances because both times Matt was the one manning the coffee maker, but it either had to do with the heat of the Keurig, or us taking the clip out and putting it back in a few times to accommodate carafe pods ....more


When plants started to sprout in my garden, all on their own, I sat back and watched. Some of them I knew were weeds, and they were plucked. Others, I wasn’t sure — I let the Queen Anne’s Lace grow for awhile before I pulled one, saw the carrot root and realized what they were (and I uprooted all of them, because I know they’re edible but they were going to grow very tall in front of some shorter, intentional plants) ....more

On Time

I don’t know a lot about Kahlil Gibran, but his poetry is certainly powerful....more

Checking In

It’s August! August! How is that possible? ...more

Review: The Cloud Yoga Mat

As I mentioned a few days ago, I’ve been doing yoga. Slowly, and in a mostly unbalanced manner, but yoga nonetheless. For the longest time, any floor exercises I’ve done have been with the aid of a mat that my husband got me a few years ago — it was decent at the time, if not a bit thin, but at this point it’s literally falling apart in small pieces ....more