Northern Exposure

Hi! I’m Shayla, a twenty-something journalist and photographer, living in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario. I’m always seeking to have more fun, make more memories, and uncover and share the beauty in our day-to-day experiences.


Birthday Brunch – Dos and Don’ts

We hosted a little birthday brunch for me on Saturday — 27 isn’t really a big deal but we like excuses to celebrate! I landed on the brunch idea while trying to think of low-key party options. We tend to have evening parties, which used to work well when we didn’t have a toddler with a bedtime and two adults in the house who range between exhausted and mildly exhausted on any given day ....more

Useful Apps: YOU

I’ve mostly stopped incessantly downloading iPhone apps, mostly because I have the iPhone with the smallest memory available and despite the fact that I store most of my photos elsewhere, it’s somehow always on the cusp of not enough memory. I made an exception to my download embargo when a friend pointed me toward YOU. This app is connected to Jamie Oliver, who isn’t really an inspiring presence in my life or anything, but he’s a recognizable name ....more

Not a Book Report: Orange is the New Black

I’ve been reading a lot more frequently now that I’m a card-carrying member of the library and have resurrected my e-reader from the dusty technology bin. That being said, I still have no idea how to approach blogging about books, and most of the things I’m reading would have been considered hot new literature… several years ago. I don’t want to return to the world of high school book reports, either ....more

The Year of Pressing Play

I’m turning 27 tomorrow. It doesn’t feel like a particularly monumental year — 27 feels like a space saved between 25 and 30. There’s nothing new or novel about 27 ....more

Vanity Sizing is Enraging

These days, when I go to a mall, I feel incredibly anti-social and crowded, quickly. I used to go to the mall for fun, but now it’s kind of torturous, especially with a kid in tow! Maybe if I had a whole day with no time constraints or responsibilities, shopping would be fun, but I appreciate the quiet solitude of online shopping now that I live five hours away from any decent shopping mall ....more

Going Shorter

Let’s talk about my hair! Again! For the millionth time! ...more

Joining the Library

I used to be a voracious reader. My childhood claim to fame is that I learned to read before kindergarten and the teachers used to let me into the upper grade classrooms to pick out books that were more interesting to me than what they had in class. My parents encouraged literacy in our household with easy access to books, explanations of big words, and trips to the library ....more

To the Beach!

When I went on maternity leave, my workplace paid out my accrued vacation time — and the government promptly took it away as part of my unemployment claim. Two weeks of vacation, hoarded carefully, gone. I learned a bit of a lesson, there, about not storing up my vacation time for no reason ....more

Closet Cleanup (Again)

I’ve been fighting with my closet for over a year, now. I am a clothes hoarder. It’s especially bad because the budget does not have much room for clothing purchases (my husband would probably disagree with that based on my spending) so I feel like if I’m going to drop money on clothes I should shop the sales and get lots for my money ....more

2014 in Photos

In 2014, in The Year of Our Overlord Forest Tent Caterpillars (ugh), we grew things. We grew plants and flowers and vegetables and a daughter. I took photos – lots of them featured me sitting on the couch trapped underneath a baby – and drank coffee and travelled and learned to cook better food for our family ....more