Northern Exposure

Hi! I’m Shayla, a twenty-something journalist and photographer, living in the middle of nowhere in Northern Ontario. I’m always seeking to have more fun, make more memories, and uncover and share the beauty in our day-to-day experiences.


A Night Out

Last weekend Matt and I took our first overnight trip away from M. She’s 18 months old, which to some people indicates we’ve waited way too long to have a night away! But we don’t get babysitters often, and honestly we’re content to spend time with her ....more

Camping Out

Apparently FIFA women’s soccer is in Winnipeg throughout the entirety of June, something we learned yesterday while attempting to book a hotel room. We have free coupons for one particular hotel, and need to head to the city to take the car into the dealer. But yesterday when we called, there was only one room available for one of the two nights we needed — and while we talked about it, it booked up in five minutes ....more

Cook Smarts, One Year In

We started using Cook Smarts for meal planning about one year ago — our annual plan recently came up and I gladly renewed! I signed up for this service last year to combat our major dinnertime problems, namely that we didn’t have time or energy to plan and prep meals that were more complex than pasta with sauce from a jar. With a young baby and me at home, it was rough trying to get dinner on the table every day, let alone dinner that was actually interesting ....more

M at 18 Months

Our little girl has been with us for ...more

(Long) Weekend Warrior

The long weekend snuck up on me this year. I didn’t even realize it was a holiday until I was setting up our daycare schedule and realized I had an extra day with M. We had house guests all last week, which might explain why it already kind of felt like vacation! ...more

Review: Live Clean Coconut Products

It’s mid-May and it is snowing. Seriously — I woke up this morning to see a thin layer of white flakes that actually stuck to the ground for more than a few minutes. Last week we were gardening in shorts and t-shirts, this week we’re bundling up with extra sweaters and wondering if we’ll ever be able to turn off the heat ....more

Resolution Check-in: Month #4

Let’s try this again, yeah? To cut to the point, I am still working on my 2014 resolutions, though some are going better than others. I honestly don’t really feel like I’m making a huge amount of progress in general, which leaves me wondering if resolutions really...more

Room to Grow

Last year I tentatively set out with a few seedlings and a handful of garden tools, lots of hopes and dreams, and very little knowledge of how to make things thrive and grow. I was a novice gardener, and a novice parent, and between the two, I was doing my best to make something beautiful. I grew my plants, and I grew my kid, and I made a lot of mistakes along the way but now, in both regards, I have a better handle on things ....more

Eat This: The Most Waffle-y Waffles Yet

Hi everyone! I’m doing my best to not feel guilty for ignoring by blog lately (I am tempted to apologize for my absence, but honestly, feeling tied to my own made-up blog schedule makes me feel beholden to what is really supposed to be a fun hobby — so, I’m sorry for not being a super interactive person lately, but I’m trying to own my abilities to get things done in whatever priority I assign). I guess all of that was a long, parenthetical way of saying that I feel like I have something worth sharing, today ....more

Little Seedlings

I feel like a slightly more advanced gardener this year but I’m still stumped by things like when to plant my seeds indoors. I know our frost date should fall somewhere around the end of May which means I should start seeds in mid-April to the end of April (in other words,...more