Oui, Chef

In an effort to combine my passion for cooking, with the values and skills I’m trying to pass on to my five kids, I have developed, “Oui, Chef - The Chronicle of Teaching My Kids How to Cook” (http://ouichefnetwork.com/), which is a food blog that exists as an extension of my efforts to teach my children a few things about cooking, and how our food choices over time effect not only our own health, but that of our local food communities and our planet at large. By sharing some of our cooking experiences through the blog, I hope to inspire other families to start spending more time together in the kitchen, cooking healthy meals as a family, passing on established familial food traditions, and perhaps starting some new ones. 
As a classically trained chef, and a father of five, I believe I bring a rather unique perspective to the task of preparing a family dinner. While living in France for two years, I graduated top of my class, and earned “Le Grande Diplôme” from Le Cordon Bleu, studied also at The Ritz Escoffier and Lenôtre cooking schools, and completed the course offerings of the famed L’Ecole du Vin du Bordeaux. That experience not only gave me the skills to create some challenging haute cuisine dishes, but more importantly, a deeper understanding of the important role food has in connecting families, and a mastery of basic “technical” cooking skills that puts me so at ease in a home kitchen, that I am free to dedicate much of my time there to teaching my kids. As much as I love to flex my haute cuisine muscles from time to time, I find my greatest reward in working with my kids to put healthy, delicious, and approachable food on our family table, night after night. 
The mission of “Oui, Chef” is to encourage and assist other families in their efforts to do the same.

Spiced Mirliton Cake

This little gluten free marvel comes to us courtesy of my friends at Leite's Culinaria. I made it first in my role as a recipe tester for the site, and then again last weekend as an elegant and super tasty end to a dinner party I was hosting. I don't know many people with full-blown Celiacs, but I dare say.. ....more


There are as many variations on this queso dip as there are sports bars here in the States, and though I am late posting recipes to enjoy during this year's football season due to my inability to watch the Patriots SUCK in early season play; now that they have gotten their act together and are REALLY playing football I thought.. ....more

Chicken Paillards with Romaine Caesar Slaw

Leave it to my friends at Cooking Light Magazine to take the ubiquitous chicken caesar salad and turn it on it's head. This delicious twist on the restaurant staple is a breeze to get on the table and relatively healthy due to a re-working of the traditional caesar dressing to make is so much healthier than the standard mayonnaise based.. ....more

Roasted Za'atar Lamb Chops with Mejadra

I made another batch of Mejadra (Mujadra) recently, the awesome middle eastern dish consisting of rice, lentils, gads of spices, and fried onions, and enjoyed it over the course of a week as a dinner side as well as a meatless lunchtime meal. It's an easy, healthy, and super flavorful dish to keep on-hand to fill in the gaps of.. ....more

Roasted Cauliflower with Curry and Red Vinegar

Not a fan of cauliflower? That is about to change....I promise you. I've never had strong feelings one way or another about cauliflower, perhaps because it always just struck me as a not very exciting veg ....more

Man'oushe with Za'atar, Tomatoes and Olives

When living in Paris I did most of my grocery shopping at the Marché Saxe-Bruteuil right around the corner from where I lived. The marché was one of the many "pop-up" outdoor markets that can be found on various days throughout each of the 20 arrondissements in the city. Every Thursday and Saturday I'd walk to the market carrying a.. ....more

Blackberry Swirl Ice Cream

Forget the bowl, dig right into the tub and don't stop until it's all gone! Not yet wanting to let go of summer I'm running around like a mad man consuming all the fresh corn and fruits I can get my hands on these days. Even though the morning air has a bit of a chill this time of year,.. ....more

Boursin Potatoes

Growing up in Southern Vermont in the 70s and 80s cheese meant just one thing, glorious Vermont Cheddar. Long before the artisanal cheese making boom that has swept the country over the past 15-20 years, Vermont's cheddar tradition even then was well established. "Imported" cheeses whether from other regions of the US, or from other countries were something I rarely.. ....more

Devils on Horseback and Potato & Bacon Poppers

My mom asked me to bring a few hors d'oeuvres to a family dinner we had a while back, and as I had some luscious Medjool dates and a bag of baby potatoes in the fridge, I decided to whip up a combo platter of two of my favorite hot nibbles. Both are wrapped in bacon and finish roasted on.. ....more

Gouda Grits with Chourico Kale and a Poached Egg

I found some fresh Mexican chourico (chorizo) at the market the other day and it immediately reminded me of a great restaurant dish I had a while back. Not knowing when I would find fresh chourico again (around here we usually see the Spanish smoked and cured version of the spicy sausage), I bought a couple packs for freezing. So.. ....more