Feasting at Home

By trade, I am caterer and chef. For most of my working life, I have been in the food industry, opening Mizuna Restaurant in Spokane in 1996, and currently operating FEAST, my catering business.  When I am not busy catering, ironically, I find myself back in my own kitchen, at home, doing what I love most, cooking. Meals at home are simple, healthy and unpretentious. Inspiration comes from what is in season and I try to always make this the starting place. To add a bit of intrigue, I'll add spices or ingredients that reflect my heritage or that I've discovered through travels to other parts of the world. It is my hope that the recipes I share, will inspire others to eat healthier, try new ingredients or new techniques. 

Roasted Butternut Tikka Masala

This aromatic, flavorful recipe for Roasted Butternut Tikka Masala...more

Roasted Butternut with Black Garlic and Miso

This is not a time to be bound by old conditioning, old authority. Consider not only what will benefit you but what will benefit others, and act according to the light you possess now in your life....more

Healthy Luscious Potato Leek Soup

There is something very satisfying about creating a comforting pot of soup out of a few simple and seasonal ingredients. To be honest, in the past I have tended to shy away from Potato Leek Soup, because of the many occasions when ordered, it arrived bland and lifeless. This version, I assure you, is not ....more

Apple Baked Steel Cut Oats

A warm and hearty breakfast, Baked Steel Cut Oats with Apples and Maple is one that will stick to your ribs, without being too heavy - leaving you feeling energized and satisfied for hours. Steal cut oats are toasted in a skillet to bring out their nuttiness, along with the warming spices of cardamon, nutmeg and ginger. Flax seeds, toasted sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds add an earthy element, and a nice crunch, while seasonal apples and maple syrup add just the perfect amount of sweetness ....more

Enchilada Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

It is... what it is.{said a very wise friend} This recipe for Enchilada Stuffed Spaghetti Squash is packed full of healthy ingredients without compromising on flavor. ...more

Caprese Pizza with Oven Roasted Tomatoes

The last of sweet summer tomatoes are roasted in the oven until caramelized and tender, becoming a lovely topping for this Caprese Pizza, along with fresh mozzarella cheese and basil leaves. For an extra burst of flavor, the crust is brushed with a garlic, basil and olive oil paste -almost like pesto. Once the fragrant pizza comes out of the oven, it's drizzled with a balsamic syrup and topped with fresh basil leaves ....more

Sea Bass with Cannellini Bean Stew

The mountains are calling and I must go. John Muir Simple ingredients come together lovingly, to make this rustic, savory and deeply satisfying meal that in my mind, brings me back to rolling hills of Tuscany, where cannellini beans are a staple. For a quick weeknight meal, canned cannellini beans may be substituted in this recipe- and from start to finish, this can be made in about 30 minutes ....more

Moroccan Pickled Eggplant

The field is tilled before the seed is planted, the garden is weeded before the flower blooms,...more

Italian Style Salsa Verde Chicken

I've been loving this simple pan-roasted chicken with an Italian style Salsa Verde- which, if unfamiliar is an herby green sauce made with flat-leaf parsley, olive oil, garlic, capers...and an optional anchovy. This easy, quick weeknight meal, somehow feels special, more like Sunday supper. The Italian-style Salsa Verde, is something to add to your cooking repertoire….for its bright, briny and delicious flavor tastes amazing on pretty much everything from grilled veggies, to fish to chicken or beef ....more

Beet Braised Lentils

Beets and lentils are a marriage made by the gods. In this recipe for Beet Braised Lentils, the two compliment each other so generously, it becomes obvious they belong together. Beets infuse an earthy sweetness to the lentils, while giving them such a lovely color ....more