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Was anyone contacted by Keri Moskovitz with Digitas?

So, I was contacted by Keri Maskovitz with Digitas, who says she is on an Ad team for Crystal Light and wants to use part of my blogpost in an advertisement in People magazine!  ???  I am not sure if I should consider this a legitimate offer or not. I don't knmow what they would have to gain, or how this could be a scam... but if true I could gain a to nof readership on my blog??  I am trying ot track down the legitimacy of this offer.  Anyone else contacted??...more

I just forwarded this to the Client Services Manager to check on. (Someone will get back to ...more

Checking In

I started my challenge a month ago and drinking water has become a way of life for me. I have had a few hiccups (vacation was a challenge) but in general I have been drinking far more water than I used to and actually miss it when I don't. I'd love to hear how the challenge has gone for other people, do you think that drinking water consistently will continue for you? ...more

I started out loving water and I still love it. The thing this challenge did for me was cause ...more


I am on vacation and I need help! With all of the ripping and running that I am doing while on vacation it has been difficult to get my water in. Anyone have recommendations for me? ...more


That really sounds like a great hotel. More hotels should accomodate their ...more


Have you noticed that you are eating less now that you are drinking more water on a consistent basis? I find that drinking water causes me to feel full and that keeps me from eating as much. Hopefully this will be reflected on the scale! ...more

Have you noticed physical changes?

Since I have been drinking more water my skin has become significantly clearer. I expected this to happen but am most surprised that even during the days leading up to my monthly cycle my skin has behaved. I am curious, have you experienced any physical changes as a result of keeping up with the water challenge? ...more

I most definately agree! My facial complexion is much clearer and softer, my hair has more ...more

Has your water challenge influenced members of your household?

I have been drinking water and Crystal light non-stop since I began the challenge. Although my son is only two, when he sees me drinking water he asks for some too. This is really important because it is extremely hot in Atlanta so hydration is crucial. I haven't noticed my husband drinking more water but he has always been good about his water intake. What about you? Has your new habit influenced members of your family? Are they drinking Crystal Light and/or water too? ...more

I keep meaning to ask him to get the Pomegranate lemonade because I'm not a big fruit punch fan ...more

Day 5 and going strong!

Now that I've been drinking 8 glasses a day for most of a week, I'm actually getting quite used to it. Added bonus: my skin looks great!   Kimberly ...more

What a great job! I find that getting my water in makes me feel better and I can certainly tell ...more

Is anyone else drinking Skin Essentials?

I love the White Peach Tea Crystal Light Skin Essentials Mix. Yes, I am a Georgia Peach but before I lived here I loved the taste of peaches. I think this is why I feel an affinity for peach tea. I also like that there are antioxidant vitamins and plant extracts to help nourish my skin in this formula. I am not sure if my complexion is looking better because of the Crystal Light or simply because I am drinking more water but since I don't take vitamins (don't beat me)either way I am benefiting from this mix. Is anyone else drinking Skin Essentials? Have you noticed a difference in your skin? ...more

The pomegranate lemonade is my favorite! I wish they sold it in the big packets so I could make ...more

Reward Yourself

Yesterday I told myself that I could only have a glass of wine that night if I drank my 8 glasses of water during the day.   Guess what? It helped :) ...more

Now that is a great idea! I haven't told myself that particular thing but it sounds like a ...more

I Need Recommendations

I want to do everything possible to facilitate getting my daily water intake. My Crystal Light is tasty but the thought of drinking it lukewarm is not appealing to me. Currently, I am making it glass by glass and I know this is not the most efficient way to drink water. Many of you have referenced using Sigg reusable bottles to keep your water cool. Where do you get them? And for those of you that don't use Sigg do you have other recommendations for usable water bottles? ...more

Debbie, thank you for such a great idea. CL serving a dual purpose -hydrating and keeping snacks ...more

Day #1 ...So Far, So Good

I'm taking the Water Way Challenge this week and today was my first day. It's funny but whenever I try to measure my water intake I am amazed by how much I'm really supposed to be drinking a day - and that's if I'm not working out. Most days I exercise by teaching aerobics, taking a hike or a walk, so I feel like I really need to be more on top of this situation. ...more

You have set up some things - like the reward to help you out. Has it gotten any easier for you ...more

I feel like I am Cheating

I admit that before I started the Water Way Challenge I'd never tasted Crystal Light. I have always taken my water straight, no flavor enhancers. But, I've been drinking White Peach Tea with skin essentials and I love it. Now, I feel like I am cheating, am I not sure if I will go back to drinking plain 'ole water ever again. Have you felt this way? Were you a regular water drinker before the challenge or have you always liked flavored water? ...more

Too Sweet?

I've often thought that some of the flavors are too sweet, but I found a great alternative. I simply use double the water - it gives the perfect amount of flavor and helps me to get even more water in on a daily basis!   Carmen ...more

This is smart because you get the flavor with a bunch more water.more

I'm taking the challenge. Join me and share your hydration tips for a chance to win $1,000 from Crystal Light!

My name is Renee, I am an early childhood literacy consultant, freelance writer, author of my blog Cutie Booty Cakes, and mom of a toddler. Whew! Just writing that made me tired. I currently reside in Atlanta but grew up on the water in Long Island, New York. I am now a Georgia Peach we affectionately call this place HOTlanta. Plan a visit here during the summer months and you will understand why the name is a perfect fit. ...more

I buy a pretty cool water bottle that grabs my attention and keep it with me ...more

Quiet Forum

We've been a little quiet since the return from the conference.  Let's talk: what is your best tip for increasing your intake of water? Mine is placing it in front of me in the form of a bottle I've been carrying around the house.  As long as I see it, I remember.  Once I have to go to the refrigerator to get the glass, I forget... ...more

That is a brilliant idea Debbie. Walking around with the necessities ensures that you never ...more

Conference Bottle

How excited was I when I opened the bag and saw the conference bottle!  And then I proceeded to not drink water :-)  But now that I'm back home, I'm planning on taking that bottle out with us this weekend.  Has anyone used it?  Does it leak or is it okay to drop in the bottom of a pool bag? ...more

Welcome Back

For those who went to the conference, how did you do with water intake? I fell off the wagon.  I was really good at the opening keynote and speed dating thing.  And then I realized how much the water was making me pee and how far I was shleping with a computer in tow.  A bad reason to fall off the wagon, but I'm back on now that I'm home. How did you fare? ...more

Thank you!  

I also felt like the Diet Pepsi was a must to just have the energy to keep ...more

Melissa & DebbieB @the conference....

and what are they drinking? ...more

in a wine glass to me ;-)more

Favourite Brand

I'm trying to use the Brita and save money by refilling a bottle, but what is your favourite brand of bottled water?  And do you prefer bubbles or flat? ...more

I haven't bought bottled water in a very long. I rely entirely on my Brita. Too much waste with ...more

Drinking and Travel

The last time I got off-track, it was during a week-long trip (this was during my first try with drinking more water back in April).  I have to admit that I'm nervous about drinking enough at BlogHer.  Some of it is being out of your routine.  Some of it is not wanting to go to the bathroom every two minutes when you're trying to listen to a panel.  Any good tips for staying on course beyond the fact that so many of us will be there, reminding each other to drink? ...more

I'm here at BlogHer Business and I can tell you the restrooms at the Sheraton are lovely ;-)-- ...more


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