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Toddler Sleep Schedule

    In my opinion every baby, toddler, child, teenager should have some sort of a sleep schedule. I have noticed that when my kids (and some other kids I know) have a day that was just "off"... whether it was waking up late/early, not having a nap/having too long of a nap, or going to bed too late......more

$15 Gift Cards to (FREE MAKEUP!) no contest!

Hello, I am giving away $15 gift cards on my blog. There is no contest, all you have to do is click the link and check out the new social gifting sight Embly, which is very, very cool! Visit my blog and see what it is all about.
Thanks for sharing this on BlogHer, Rachel! Folks, check out Rachel's blog. If not for the ...more

Cooking with toddlers - make it interactive and fun

My mom is a big proponent of healthy food and getting the kids involved is as many activities I'm doing as possible.  So, every Friday I feature one of her home cooked meals and ways in which we can get our kids involved in the kitchen, having fun!Check out for this week's idea and have fun cooking!We'd also love any suggestions or recipes of your own, just comment back and you may get featured!Bon apetit,Patty...more
My 3 year old loves helping out with cooking! As soon as he sees me standing at the counter, he ...more

Have you ever had to discipline someone elses child?

Do you have a nightmare neighbour?  A child you don't like yours playing with?  Have you ever said no to a playdate? We have a nightmare neighbour.  We only met these neighbour about 6 months into living in our new home.  The children met first.  The little boy knocked on our door and asked if a little boy lived here as he'd seen my boys toys laying around the yard.  Yes, I replied.  He seemed so sweet at the beginning! ...more

I am a mom to 3 AND a Reading Specialist. I can help!

I am well on the path towards starting my homeschool journey with a 4 year old, 3 year old, and 1 year old-but I still need to pay the bills.  I created to give other parents, teachers, and caregivers a place to go to get great tips and resources for teaching reading, or for overcoming reading-related problems. ...more

I have 3 kids....ALL under 5! Here are the products we can not live without.

So, I think this group must have been made for me! As a busy Mom of a 4 year old, 3 year old, and one turning one in May, I am always on the hunt for products that make my crazy life move along smoother.  That is why I created ...more

photographing your kids

hi there!my name is hannah and i'm mom to an almost three year old and a one and half year old.i blog about the bliss and blunder of my life over at come on over for the ride!i recently scored a guest blog by a really great photorgapher who blogged with some really great, easy, tips for moms to get good shots of their kids! you can check it out here. thanks and happy photographing!hannah...more

My first giveaway and review

Hi! I just joined this group. I have 2 little guys, a 4 yr old and a 2 yr old. My 4 year old has a great interest in science experiments, trains and dinosaurs. I've recently discovered that a great way to keep him from tormenting my 2 yr old throughout the day is to get him involved in some little hands-on experiments. He thinks they're fun and I'm liking that he's secretly learning!...more

Holiday Books for Kids? THe Roof Top Hop

I never know what to buy my nephews for Christmas - I never see them and I'm pretty sure they have enough of everything they might possibly need. So, I always buy them holiday themed books which means I'm always looking for holiday books that I don't think others will have bought for them....more

You do!

BlogHer Community Manager

I'm pregnant and my 4 year old is out of control!

I'm pregnant with my third child and my oldest, who is four, has completely lost his mind!  He is throwing temper tantrums over everything, talking back, screaming, etc.  I was concerned about his reaction to my pregnancy with our second child, but it didn't seem to bother him a bit.  I still had my sweet little boy.  I'm not sure if it's because he's older now and understands better, but this time around......more

looking for green toys made by mom-run companies?

I've recently been into exploring green toy companies and have come across some that I am an absolute fan of. I wanted to give a shout-out, especially to one's run by working mothers and also to hear your ideas about other great environmentally friendly mom run companies....As a twenty-something who still loves indulging her arts and crafts hobby, I am really digging Eco-Kids. This mom-run company makes non-toxic, environmentally safe art supplies for kids, from their own house! How great. ...more

Want to clarify- Bobles is not an explicitly green company...more

Fight those germs!

I don't know about you but I have been struggling to get my kids to use a tissue instead of their hand/sleeve to wipe their nose. A friend passed along some tips she saw from a short video and they really seemed to respond to it. Video: anyone else had problems with this?...more

I've been trying to drill this into my daughter's head for at least a solid year now with only a ...more

Blog Contest-Designer Bib

I just wanted to post about a contest I am running on my blog. I am giving away a VERY cute bib from Hip Violet. Good for boys or girls, retro cool. Right now only 6 people have entered to win, so your odds are good!     Rachel

Number two?

Anyone want another one? So far you're a family of three, do you want to make it four? Not quite sure, but still thinking about it and looking at the babyrus website like a 13 year old in the closet with a playboy?I've written about my experience with my soon to be 4 year old who wants a younger sibiling... now.I'd love to hear everyone's feedback. First time moms, second time moms, sixth time moms. How did you decide? Did you have the decision or did it just happen? How were your reactions?...more

I would have commented directly on your blog but you don't allow for name/URL comments. So ...more

hello new day. what? it's only 5:30am????

hi. i'm new to this group. i have two kids- lily is 3 and topher is 2. they are a year, a week, and 12 hours apart. sometimes so awesome, sometimes not so awesome. topher just moved into his 'bigboy bed' and wakes up SO EARLY. before, he would wake up at about 7am, and if that was too early for me, i wouldn't get him, and he would either play in his crib for another hour, or fall asleep. what a great little boy! but now that he has no retraints, he wakes up at 5ish and is rip roaring to start the day!...more

My first blog contest!!

Okay, so I am running my first ever blog contest-don't know what I am doing! But I am giving away a great CD of lullabies from a wonderful musician. Check it out!   also any suggestion for how to run future contests, let me know. I am new to this. All I can say is right now-you have a great chance of winning, not many people have participated yet!!!...more

New to BlogHer, this group and Blogging

Hi there - I have just joined this group and am looking forward to getting to know other Moms dealing with the under-5 brigade! ...more

Hi Sara! You are doing really well with your site - you've hit a niche there I think with ...more

Where did the baby go?

This is a topic so near and dear to me. I am afraid of my boys growing up too fast. I don't think we are going to have any more babies, so as they leave babyhood behind, I am CLINGING to it. I wrote a post on it a month or so ago... Rachel

My baby is 20... It's frightening when I let myself think about it.

~Denise BlogHer ...more

just joined and saying hi

Hi all, I am mother to 6 18,17,13,4,4,2. I also homeschool. My three under 5, well the baby, the 2 year old, is the perfect baby, thus far lol. My 4 year old twins, Oh lordy. They have adhd, really bad. They have always been hard to handle, I feel I have had no peace since birth, They had colic bad for the first 6 months, I tried everything, nothing worked, except the vacuum cleaner, We burned up 2 vacuums just trying to get a break from the crying, looking back it seems so funny now!!!...more

First birthday blues

My son will be turning 1 on Sunday and I am completely devastated.  I have told my husband that I think I'll be wearing black on every birthday.  I just keep wondering how a year went by so fast.  Just yesterday he was immobile and helpless drinking nothing but milk, now he's all over the place and eating food, feeding himself much less.  I keep thinking that if 1yr went by that fat that he'll be 5 and 10 and ...........even 12 before I know it!!!!  Anyone else have a hard time with birthdays??    ...more


Oh mama!

My dd will be one on Wednesday, ...more


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