Yuzu Chiffon Cake

there's a new japanese grocer/live seafood place called "emporium shokuhin" in town and i was there a couple of days ago. basically they're like a japanese supermarket with lots of live seafood like the alaskan king crab (it was huggggeee and probably costs $400 each), blue abalone, brown crab etc. theres also a very cool aged beef facility, plus restaurants/bakery littered along the perimeter of the place ....more

Matcha Milk Jam

i made matcha milk jam yesterday and wow, this is probably one of the best things i've made in a while! milk jam is something like a dulce de leche or confiture de lait where milk and sugar is cooked to a caramel-ish consistency. i was wondering if it would turn out like matcha flavored condensed milk but heck no, it was so much better ....more

Caramel Poire

caramel pear entremet i was supposed to make this entremet together with my friend A but due to conflicting schedules we were never able to make it. as you can probably tell, i hardly make entremets these days. everything seemed like a "been there, done that" for me ....more

Macarons + Roll Cakes

just to showcase some of the things i did for the past two weeks. yuzu, rose, maldon sea salt choc macarons & matcha roll cake, an order from my regular customer from australia. he never fails to order from me everytime he's in town ....more

Matcha Kakigori

matcha kakigori (抹茶かき氷), also known as ujikintoki (宇治金時) is a japanese shaved ice dessert with matcha syrup, anko and dango i bought a kakigori (かき氷) shaved ice machine last week and have been using it almost everyday. in where i live where its summer all year round, this is more of a necessity than a luxury. i think its really fun because the combinations you can come up with are virtually endless ....more

Tortoise Shell Patterned Chiffon Cake

animal print on desserts seem to be the rage these days (tokyo banana, anyone?) and i love incorporating these prints into my cakes as well! do you remember me making cow patterned cookies and leopard print roll cake awhile ago? even though these were basically just chocolate/vanilla marbled desserts in general, it adds a new dimension to the end product ....more

Banana, Peach & Strawberry Smoothie

had some leftover peaches from making the panna cotta and not sure what to do with them, so they went into a smoothie! previously we tried juicing for over a year and the benefits were great. issue was mainly with the leftover pulp ....more

Peach Panna Cotta

vanilla panna cotta, peach compote + jelly this refreshing dessert is perfect for summer and what i like about it is that its all natural and does not contain any coloring. the weather has been horrible lately, i feel fortunate i don't have to work under the hot sun and i suddenly have got a new found admiration for those who do! there are 3 components to this dessert ....more

Matcha Marbled Pound Cake

probably the last time i'm using my loaf tins before packing them away into storage. we're getting ready to move pretty soon and i think it will be an exciting journey. but before that, some good ol' pound cake to start the day with ....more

Liege Waffles リエージュワッフル

liege waffles are a type of belgian waffle that is yeast-risen with pearl sugar added to give it a distinctive crunch. pearl sugar, unlike normal sugar, are larger, coarser and do not melt on high heat therefore they retain their shape after baking. in the past when i didn't have much baking experience, i've always thought there's only one type of waffle and thats the liquidy kind you normally make in a waffle maker and eaten with syrup or ice cream ....more