Tart Cherry Smoothie

I’m a day late with my Saturday Smoothie post. It’s a good thing that smoothies taste just as delicious on a Sunday! In fact,...more

grapefruit smoothie with chia

I can’t tell you how great it feels to be back in the smoothie making groove. It had been a barren fall and winter full of too few healthy foods and way to many indulgences. No more ....more

rum orange swizzle

I have been looking forward to writing this post for over a month, but in the effort to keep a Christmas secret, I’ve held out until now. But I can promise you this – you are going to love both this Rum Orange Swizzle and my new favorite cocktail making tool: Mixology Dice. Back in November, my friend Jenni mentioned Foodie Dice on Instagram and I was so intrigued that I started google stalking like nobody’s business....more

tart cherry chutney toast

This post is sponsored by the Tart Cherry Marketing Institute. All opinions are my own. Last week, I spoke about some changes that I’m making in 2015 ....more

grapefruit pineapple smoothie

It’s been entirely too long since I’ve shared a Saturday smoothie recipe. Let’s not even go back and see how long. It’s embarrassing ....more

le fizz cocktail

We ran out of vodka right before Christmas break. Much to my delight, I had just discovered that our grocery store started carrying Ginger Beer and bought a pack to bring home. Once there, my husband decided to make us a couple of Moscow Mules (yum!!) and thats when we discovered that we didn’t even have enough vodka to make one Moscow Mule ....more

crispy egg tomato spinach toast

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a fabulous holiday season. We had a great break, other than the week long fever/flu/cold that the kids had starting on Christmas Eve ....more

mini cheese balls

Mini cheese balls are the adorable make ahead appetizer that your friends will go crazy for. Full of cheese, bacon and herbs this recipe can be endlessly adapted to fit your own tastes, all while leaving you the time to truly enjoy your holiday party. I’m not a fancy hostess ....more

15 holiday cocktail recipes

We’re in the week between Christmas and New Years and in my mind, the holidays are just hitting their stride. I’m hopeful that your Christmas has been healthier than ours as we have two flu ridden kiddos and temperatures a flying left and right. We’ve gone through so many boxes of tissues our recycling bin is positively overflowing ....more

vol au vent appetizers with brie and jam

Vol au Vent appetizers with brie and jam are quick, simple, but oh so elegant and perfect for your holiday party. Just be sure to make a double batch because these little goodies are going to disappear fast. Much to my surprise and delight, I am ready for Christmas ....more