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Some Great Blog Hops To Join

My favourite time to Blog Hop is the weekend, because that is when I have the most time for it. And this week I have shared links to my five fave Blog Hops over at:Some Great Blog Hops To Join.So if anyone feels like Blog Hopping this weekend, feel free to stop by and check them out.Have a great weekend! :)//Alexandra...more
This is so helpful!  Thanks!more

Sonoma Wine Country

I like to call this "God's Country" and share tips and experiences about the wine, food, local artisans and traveling this beautiful area. Can't wait to chat!...more

Add Blog To My Blog Hop - No Rules! Welcome. :-)

Hi there,I am having a No Rules Weekend Blog Hop over at my blog. So feel free to join in at --> A Thank You And Weekend Blog Hop Post.Happy Weekend Everyone! :-)Kind Regards,Alexandra...more

California Must-Do's?

 Hi everyone! My bf and I would like to take a road trip in California in the Fall...we hope to have about 9 days to explore and we would likely be starting in LA, ending in San Fran. We are on a tight budget and are interested in things related to food/wine, outdoors (ocean, forest, hiking, geocaching, camping, etc), neat shops, hidden gems, art and fashion, etc. Any suggestions welcome! Tips for great affordable accommodations are also welcome! Thank y'all :) ...more
Robin: I was not familiar with Hearst Castle or Neptune Pool so thanks for those suggestions! I ...more

Travel Truths Question Series

Hi everyone,  I just started a new web post series called Travel Truths.  Every week I will be posting a thought provoking question related to traveling.  I'll answer it in my post, but I am also hoping others will find the questions interesting and answer on their own blogs. The first question is What is your very first memory of wanting to travel? You can find information on the series here:

How do I insert a picture

 I can't find out how to place a picture in my posts.  HELPSparkling Thoughts,Linda"No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care." ...more
Here's a link to explain how to post photos in your blog posts: ...more

Where shall I travel next?

Hi everyone, I really love travelling, but whenever I leaf through brochures I feel I can't choose where to go next. Everything seems fascinating, relaxing and exciting at the same time. I'm orginally Dutch, but at the moment I live in London. I especially loved my holidays in Italy and Eastern Europe.I did an online test to find out what holiday is best for me and it said I should go to Mexico. Sound like fun... ...more
Hey De,    Since you're coming from Europe/UK, instead of choosing just one country, what about ...more

Traveling in England and Grenada

About a year ago, I woke up in Newcastle England and wondered, "What the heck am I doing here?!"So I wrote a blog.What was I doing there, you might ask? My husband is a medical student through St. George's University, where future doctors spend a year studying medicine in Newcastle England then jet off to Grenada in the West Indies for their second year of academics. I left my beloved career as a journalist to join him on this adventure. The rest you can read about on my blog
Did you really see it as a sacrifice? Last year, I moved from London to Cardiff for a year when ...more

Waiting around to live and waiting around to die

hi All,I'm new to this community and am excited to have join this group. Travel is my passion. I have been living and travelling around the world since 97. I can't stop. I now share my stories and tips through my travel blog.Thought you might like my latest post Waiting around to live and waiting around to die Hopefully it will encourage you to take that giant leap and do just what it is you want to do.I love talking travel! Caz Makepeace...more

Travel with Teens and Tweens - Looking for teen/tween summer camp links and ideas

Hi, I am new here, and have a new blog that discusses travelling with teens and tweens. I do believe that as kids get older, some of their travels many not include the parental units.  One of the first trips kids take on their own is often summer camp - I am building a list of summer camp recommendations and would love your suggestions.  I'll give you credit, or link to your blog if you have a review.  Will also thank you on twitter. ...more

Hi Mary,

nice option, thanks!

Me and my Kids (17 and almost 21), we're travelling ...more

Anyone else love the travel p0rn in "Up in the Air"

Just watching the way George Clooney packed was kind of a turn-on for a frequent traveler like me.Is it just me?<crickets>Elisa Camahort Page BlogHer My BlogHer profile truly shows you everything I do online...Check it out!!...more

Frequent Flier Moans. I mean, Miles.

I do love traveling, but more than *getting* there, I like *being* there. I just got back from a trip to visit my partner's family in Portugal and my blog posts about it... aren't as positive as I wish they were! We had a terrible time with some of our luggage as well as just a rough time getting over there. And coming back? Two days after the attempted terrorist attack!...more

Hi - New to Blogher

Hi - I've been a member for about 4 weeks but am still finding my way around. I blog about frugal things to do, buy and eat in Texas. I concentrate on the greater Houston area (meaning from Galveston through Grimes county and out through Brenham which is a pretty large area) but am starting to branch out into other areas as well. I love to travel but am limiting my travel these days to road trips and day trips. There's so much to do in Texas that I'm having a great time....more

Hi - thanks for letting me know about your attempt to comment. I  took the verification ...more

I'm new to blog too1

Hi all!  I'm new here and my blog is fairly new as well.  Please take a look and if you have any advise or comments, please let me know!I love to travel and love photography and have decided to try to put it together to share with those interestedThanks! Shelley...more

I'm new here!

Hello everyone!  My name is Sarah and I'm new to Blogher (and blogging in general).  Just wanted to say hello and see if anyone has advice about where to start in terms of finding my way around blogher.  Looking forward to chatting with you and reading your blogs!...more

ShelliD-- I like your blog too!  Would you bee interested in exchanging ...more

Picking Pumpkins along the Appalachian Parkway

Today my family enjoyed picking pumkins along the Appalachian Parkway.  What a fantastic day!  Every year it is a tradition in our family to go pick pumpkins. Unfortunately, here in Georgia you can't pick your pumpkin in the traditional sense off the vine due to Black Widows and snakes, but it is still fun to go to the farm. The boys love selecting their pumpkins. It is a big debate in how much they can spend, what color they should get, and whether or not to buy one with warts all over it. I love Burt's Pumpkin Farm located in Dawsonville, Georgia....more

I need photos!

~Denise BlogHer Community Manager


Just a quick note to introduce myself and say "hi" or "hola"! My name is Monica and I'm new to BlogHer. Still getting to know my way around. I have a love of travel and am constantly thinking about where I want to travel to next. I've been all over the U.S. and Mexico but still have a ton more to see here in North America. I've also traveled to Italy, England, and Spain and most definitely want to travel back to Europe in the very near future. Hope everyone finds themselves having a wonderful day and so happy to be among fellow travelers! ...more

Introducing Myself and Travelers Anonymous

Hi Travel-Loving Bloghers,  I am the Owner and Managing Director of Travelers Anonymous, LLC.  We launched a month ago and would love to have you peruse and join our site.   The first thousand members will be free life-time members. Travelers Anonymous is a travel information site offering unique articles                                           and travel deals for our members. ...more

Dallas Anyone?

What are the top things you must do when visiting the "Big D?"  I just posted a sample itinerary at  Stop by and if I left your favorite thing to do off, add a comment.     ...more

It was Lola.  Wonderful food, a bit on the higher end, but they had a wonderful tasting menu ...more

Labor Day Plans?

Share you Labor Day Travel Plans here.  I'll be camping in the mountains, but dreaming I'm on the beaches in South France or eating pasta in Italy!   If you don't have plans yet, it isn't too late to make some!  There are some great airfare deals out there.  I posted some good deals for the to my blog:  Warning:  These fares are only discounted through August 21!  Firm up your travel plans soon. ...more


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