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how to cook recipe for fish collection of fish recipes In an Indian restaurant earlier this week, I ordered some "Fish Pakora". What kind of fish is it, I questioned? The waiter hesitated, stumbled over his words a little and then declared it was catfish. What do I know? It could have been anything, at least it was delicious.

On this very subject, Rebecca from Potlikker raised an interesting point. Referencing an article in The St Petersburg Times, she explains that DNA testing has shown that 50% of the fish we dine out on, is not what it claims to be.

After you have stopped reeling from this shocking news, consider hooking up with a fish dish at home instead. At least you will have a better idea about what you are eating. Just look at the selection of fishtastic ideas I have netted you. They are totally off the scale...

Mixed Fish

Helen at Grab Your Fork starts us off with a spectacular selection of home-prepared sushi. Wow!

Cod Pieces

Sher from What did you Eat? simmers up a Black Cod In Tomato-Saffron And Fennel Stew.

Alicat from Something So Clever made Roast Cod with Crisp Potatoes shortly before taking a break from blogging.


At C is for Cooking, his wife, Stephanie, is blogged as she prepares a Roasted Halibut with Romesco Sauce and Olive Relish

at a Blithe Palate has a delicious-sounding Halibut Poached in Coconut Lemongrass Broth on her menu.

Peculiar Fish

Lea Sheler from Copperpots has an adventure in the kitchen, making Kingklip with Chipotle Butter and Polenta

Fascinating blogger, Deccanheffalump from The Cooks Cottage has started writing a 10-part guide to fish in India, starting with Bombay Duck. Bombay duck is, of course, not a duck but a fish.


So it's in French, and I don't understand a word of it, but Mercotte's La Salade Pêches Crevettes looks delicious all the same.

Ruth from Once upon a Feast makes Saffron Shrimps as part of a South Beach Diet-friendly dinner.

Sarah Lou at One Whole Clove has got the right idea - she is serving her prawns with Pernod!

Smokin' Salmons

Michelle at Je Mange La Ville considers the health benefits of Green Tea Salmon.

from Toast Point presents us with Salmon with Golden Kiwis and Avocado

Perfect for Summer, Meg at Too Many Chefs shares with us her recipe for Salade de haricots blancs et saumon grillé. Don't worry, despite the fancy title, this one is written in English.

Stephanie has been Dispensing Happiness again, this time with Soy-Kaffir Lime Glazed Salmon with Lime Sushi Rice.

No old Trouts here

In an inventive frame of mind, Angelika from The Flying Apple creates Hidden Trout in Asian Mood.

Chez Becky and Liz they are taking Sea Trout Mousse on a picnic. (En Francais).

Name that Tuna

Jennatarianism's first date with her husband was also the start of her love affair with fish. She now even keeps a case of tinned fish in the pantry, just perfect for making Smoked Albacore Burgers.

Sole Sister

The children of Ellen from Chronicles of a Curious Cook begged her to put together their favourite Sauteed Fish with Butter and Capers.

Feeling Crabby?

Avocados are at their best right now, so why not pair them with crab to make Avocado and Crab Salad like Chef on Call did?

The Secret Lives of Fish

Sometimes fishes are hiding in dishes. You might not even know they are there...

At Well Fed we are reminded that there are anchovies in caesar salad.

And Catherine at Food Musings doesn't forget that fish sauce is vital to a Panang curry with vegetables.

Fishing Away From Home

Kristen from Give Me Some Food has been travelling in China where she wasn't much impressed by the freshness of the food until they brought a flapping fish to her table.

Masak Masak introduces us to Fish Ball Soup in Malaysia. Homemade fish balls, no MSG, looks dee-licious, Boo-licious.

Don't like eating fish? Then just take a look at them instead. Over in Paris, Laura at Cucina Testa Rossa finds a collection of fish art on display in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Finally, if you prefer realism to art, Chez Pim is sharing some macabre photos of the dead fish she found in San Sebastian, Spain.

Blogher Contributing Editor

Sam Breach is getting fishy with it making classic Anglo Indian dish, Kedgeree and even catching her own fish in Fiji, over at Becks & Posh.


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