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I am a food photographer from the Netherlands with a passion for food. I've been blogging since 2008 and love sharing my food stories. I blog about food photography as well as some food related travels stories too.

What do you think is the solution and a tomato radish salad

I had an interesting discussion the other day with Asha, whom you might know from her blog Fork Spoon Knife. We got talking after my post on ‘In defense of food” . She is currently in beautiful Italy doing an investigation on nutrition and how people perceive things differently ....more

Vegan french toast with strawberries

What about the milk? When you first think about going vegan there is probably lots of things going through your mind: what do I do with eggs? How can I survive without milk? ...more

Roasted carrots with beluga lentils and In defense of food – Michael Pollan

Sometimes it just baffles me a little. People that are anxious to tell me that how I eat is maybe not the best way. Only to stuff their face with the next flavor of Magnum (which is delicious by the way. ....more

Shooting dark food photos: editing a chocolate hazelnut bundt cake

It’s been five years now that we give food photography workshops and in that period of time a lot of things changed. More and more people are getting into food photography and I’ve noticed that their also more people wanting to shoot dark photographs. And let’s face it: it is a thing right? ...more

The best hummus ever: with roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes

It sometimes hits me. Hits me really hard… Here I am “worrying” about the next recipe to make, a job coming up or financial matters. The usual day to day stuff ....more

Goodbye ( and now for real)

Almost a year ago I wrote a similar post: how it was time to move on and start a new adventure. And I did start a new site but for some reason it didn’t click. I posted there for a while and than didn’t feel the love ....more

National Parc Ranomafana – Madagascar

Dark clouds On our way to Ranomafana from Ambositra the clouds quickly gathered together. The closer we got to our final destinal the worse the road became and the darker the sky. And just before we got to the hotel the rain started pouring down ....more

Vega burger with mushrooms and water chestnuts

Tofu When I was younger (as in a lot younger) I ate vegetarian for a while. I was beginning twenties and decided to stop eating meat and fish. At that time vegetarian was still a bit of an odd thing ....more

From meat eater to vegetarian

It’s been something I’ve been thinking about for quite some time. I love animals and I am having a hard time getting my head around the way animals are treated in the meat industry. We always tend to look towards the mass meat industry but even in the more sustainable small farms, the animals are killed at some point ....more

Leek soup and happy 2017!

Happy Newyear! I know, I know…. A little late but I still mean it! ...more