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I met so many interesting people at the BlogHer conference, and came away with more links than I knew how I was going to keep up with.

Story short - I haven't kept up. But I have managed to visit the pages of some people who have since joined my blogroll, and I know there will be more. One of my favorite finds was Karen Walrond, who spoke at the conference on the "Identity and Obligations" panel and also contributes to BlogHer.

Most of the women at the conference came from far and wide to be there, and, alas, eventually had to go home. Karen shared the story of her journey to Canada following the conference, in an August 2nd post called "connections". She met Meg from Vancouver on the plane, and enjoyed talking to her so much that she switched planes in order to take the same connecting flight to Canada. Meg and Karen even managed to spawn a new BlogHer, the flight attendant on their trip into Vancouver, "Buried in the Sand". She went home and started up a blog that she's continuing, proving that great posts from tiny acorns grow - or something.

This traveilng experience caused Karen to ask on her blog:

"Now your turn: what sorts of wonderful travel-related connections have you made that were unexpected -- this year, or even in the distant past?"

Her readers answered, and so can you.

MamaChristy met her best friend Colleen on a flight, and both of them blog - and obviously comment! Melissa in Columbia, Missouri, says

I don't believe I have ever taken a trip where I didn't form some sort of friendship, which is odd, because I can be freakishly shy.

Christine of "Interational Marriage - What the Heck is That?" speaks to the bonding that travel can bring about:

My best travel experience has to have been when I was on the Trans-Siberian from Beijing to Moscow and shared my second-class berth with people from China, Siberia, and North Korea...truly a wonderful experience in cross-cultural communication.

I've been lucky enough to make friends with so many people during my travels that I continue to keep in touch with and even one person whom I've never met yet from Myanmar who calls to chat with me at my office daily.

It's definitely a small world..

Kim has tales to tell about hostel stays that didn't amount to lasting friendships, but definitely gave her some interesting stories. Funchilde - on a short break from her "vagabond travels" - has stories of connections from Africa to Oaxaca,; Stephanie could count on the kindness of strangers in the Dominican Republic, and W. Lotus found lifelong friends by hitting Carnival early.

Feel free to rejuvenate the comments here - or in the BlogHer forum.

It's good to know that Karen has also contributed her photos to Gadling - a photographer's Weblog (which is really interesting and worth a look) and thepancollective, a blog about life in the Caribbean. (ditto.) She's joined here by Attillah, Elspeth, Georgia, ArubaGirl, Francine, and Titilayo.

Take a peek at Karen's blogs - you're sure to be inspired.


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