Ashley Quite Frankly

I wanted to go out and change the world, but I couldn't find a babysitter.

Ashley McCann is a candid mother of two and newspaper columnist who writes about real life. Named Ignite Social Media's 100 Women Bloggers You Should Be Reading and nominated for a SXSW Weblog award, she is best known for finding and sharing the humorous and touching moments of day to day life.

Also, writing self-promotional biographical blurbs about herself in the third person makes her want to claw her own eyes out. It's so weird, right? Promoting your own life story that you write for fun? That's weird. Maybe she's not so good at that part of things.

The Tiny Farm Co. Giveaway

Good news!! Someone wants to give you guys something!Actually, people want to give you things frequently. But I don't know if you like giveaways and all of the emails and proposals are overwhelming (and some of them are obnoxious--some day I'm going to start giving PR people my log-in info and tell them to manage my email for a day and then they will understand that I'm not just a lazy jerk, even though I am a lazy jerk, but that it is just impossible to even keep up with replying, little less writing posts about each of them.)But Ashley from the Tiny Farm Co and I became friends on Instagram and I really liked her ....more

Smells Like Teen Spirit

"Remind me next week and I'll send you with money to buy some spirit wear," I told Big Kid."Honestly, I don't care.""I know, I feel bad I keep forgetting, though. Just let me know which items you like and we'll get some.""No. I mean I don't care to own spirit wear.""No?""I don't really want to give them money so they can advertise on me.""He has a point!" little kid interjected ....more


Today while little kid and I waited in the parking lot to pick his brother up, I saw him approaching."There he is! Look at him, just wandering around all absent-mindedly, hair flopping like a muppet. Man, I love him so much!" I said."Me too ....more


"Do you remember when you were little and you were always worried that gravity would cease to exist?" I asked Big Kid."No, not really.""I think you were in first grade. Black holes and no gravity were things you thought about a lot."...more

With Ease

"So there's this girl in 7th period who keeps touching my hair," Big Kid told me. "Oh, REALLY? What do you think about that?" "It's weird ....more

Rebellious Teen

"Mom, may I please have a yogurt?" Big Kid asked."Yes, and feel free to help yourself to the yogurt without asking. You live here, you know if you're hungry--have a yogurt whenever you want, hon.""I won't ask! Then I'll eat ALL of the yogurts! ...more

Things That Don't Rot

Not long ago, little kid asked me for a box. I asked why he needed it and he claimed he needed it for a new collection. After further questioning, he said that it was a collection of things that don't rot and I decided that was good enough and let him have it.Days later, he casually asked me for a box of pasta ....more


"I almost won 'Confetti' today," little kid announced at dinner tonight."Oh yeah?" I said, because it buys me about 15 extra seconds of delay."Yep. I was in the top 3 of the whole class.""What's 'Confetti'?" I asked."You know how she punches the holes in our cards?"I nodded even though I don't know."We win them.""Right, but what do you win?""The holes. The confetti that the holes make.""The paper circles from the hole punch? ...more

Hard Boiled

When I was little, I used to love eating egg cups with toast. I decided to re-create that for my kids and discovered that the meal is called "eggs and soldiers"...more

What Would Amy Winehouse Do?

So even though they flat-out refused to be Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan so I could be Jenny, Halloween turned out okay-ish after all. little kid was Ash the Pokemon trainer and Big Kid was John Lennon, which was an okay consolation prize after my Forrest Gump dreams were dashed.Max and I dressed as Dorothy and Toto and sat on the couch pretending kids would come and we would give them candy, while the boys ditched us to trick or treat with the neighbors and their huge group of kids. Kids didn't come, I just ate a ton of candy.Then I went to an adult Halloween party as Amy Winehouse ....more