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With change on the Cuban breeze, American travelers may be hoping to finally get to go to the island directly. Perhaps we'll see the end of crazy detours through Canada or Mexico City or where ever else travelers go to circumvent the US government's restrictions.

Gadling posted back in May about the Bush crackdown on travel to Cuba.

In the last few months, audit investigators from the U.S. Treasury Department suspended the licenses of four travel agencies and six religious organizations for illegally providing travel to Cuba.

Georgia posts on Global Voices about how Cuba is waiting.

“Ever since the fall of the Soviet Union, the travel industry has had plans in place, ready to launch the minute travel is allowed to Cuba. All of the cruise ship operators have scouted ports (as many as eight) and have contingency plans in place,� writes James, discussing the potential effects of regime change in Cuba on the US travel industry.

Sarah Stephens at the Huffington Post writes about her trip to Cuba during the week of September 11, 2001.

Marti had written that there were two kinds of men in this world, those who love and build, and those who hate and destroy. Our guide said that was pleased the American people and the Cuban people both belonged to the same group, and then his tears wet our faces.

Cuba Verdad posts about the good life that tourists to Cuba have.

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" the little Cuban boy was asked. "A tourist!" he replied.

And why not? Tourists have access to much of Cuba that natives can't enjoy. Canadians and Europeans arrive by the charterful, whisked to Club Med-type resorts where the only Cubans they run into are the help and the entertainers.

For blogging by travelers to Cuba, check out Jaron Travels.

I am now in Cuba. I came here to be alone with my thoughts for a couple weeks, but I came to the wrong place. Every time I go somewhere, whether it´s a restaurant, at the beach, or in the bathroom, the Cubans refuse to leave me alone. Their cumulative charm has forced me to relinquish my quest for solitude. I truly believe these people are the warmest, most gregarious humans on the planet

As always, here are some pics. Go splash around in the Cuba pool on Flickr. And no trip to Cuba is complete without music, so off you go to Slang TV to watch Havana Centro, a streaming video about...

the interplay of Santeria and Afro-Cuban music in modern day Havana.

Potential travelers to Cuba, take note. It's still problematic at best to go to Cuba. While there are many travel specialists that will help you get there, be sure to check with the State Department to find out what that latest regulations are and what the implications of taking that trip might be.

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