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Introducing Myself

Hi, I'm new to BlogHer and to the group.  Just trying to learn my way around.  I've recently started my own blog to chronicle my love of food and cooking and baking.  I'm hoping to make some great new friends here.~Diane...more
Nice to meet you! Mmmm, Doubletree Cookies....more

Foodie and Farmer

Sylvia Burgos - the storywww.bullbrookkeep - our beef...more

Would love to connect with fellow food bloggers!

Hey there!  I just registered on this site and would love to connect with other fellow foodies, share blogs and hopefully learn some new recipes.My blog, Cheese Please, has been a really fun to write and I'd love to be introduced to other fellow food bloggers!
Hey There! I'm also looking to network with fellow food bloggers. My site is ...more

30-Somethings Introductions.

Hello, Introduce yourself & your blog here!!!...more

Well Tiny is my nickname from birth and the name I choose to go by. I am a mom to 8 kids. I ...more

Lots of new posts

on hope you enjoy them as much as i do! :-))...more

Updated From The Fifth Foodie

Hey everyone! I hope your week has been as fantastic as mine has! I posted some new entries on my blog. Please check them out at Thanks & Enjoy! ...more

Great Grilling Recipe

Hey All!!!Hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Just wanted to let you know that i posted a fish and veggie recipe on my blog it out because it sure was delicious!!!  :-))...more

Delicious Spaghetti Recipe!!

Hey guys! So I am new to blogher so I am not sure exactly how "this" all works, but anyways, I recently posted a delicious spaghetti recipe on my blog From The Fifth Foodie ! Check it out and let me know what you think if you decide to try it!! :-) Have a great night everyone!!!!  -R...more

Oopps I am such dork I didn't put the correct link. In case it does not work again it is: ...more

New to the site!

I just wanted to introduce myself! I'm Jess, a 24-year-old Austinite and art director.I love cooking, creating, and being with my husband and two dogs.I look forward to getting to know you all, and being a part of the community!...more

Hello everyone. Since I am new here I also want to introduce my self. I am miss Lego, 27 years ...more

Marketing vs. Writing: Which is most important?

Susan RawlingsTwitter: @susansboutiqueEmail:    Hello, Just wanted to put out a post to everyone and get your reaction to this question. When it comes to creating a successful blog that people will read, is the marketing of the blog, or the actual creation of quality content most important? What do you think?  ...more

Now I'm going to have "sass monkey, that sassy monkey..." in my head. I, too, love annoying my ...more

Introducing Myself - I'm New to this Group

Hello Everyone!  My name is Glamorosi - I'm new to the group so I thought it would be good to introduce myself. I've been a member of BlogHer since November 2009, but just started particpating recently. I am a jewelry designer (, but I mostly blog about food, tea, fashion, gardening, entertainment and events. I'm looking forward to reading everyone and seeing what you all like to cook and eat! ...more

Hi Denise!

You are the first person I am meeting here!




Something weird is going on with my site, no header, no sidebar, no categories.  Could someone take a look and let me know if they have experienced this before and what is the cause,  Would really appreciate it!  Grace - La Mia Vita Dolce -

Thank you everyone! I wasn't brave enough to go in and do a fix myself. Finally reached my web ...more

Heart Healthy Monday on Bookvisions

It is Heart Healthy Monday on Bookvisions.  Each Monday I post a heart healthy link, tip and recipe.  I hope you will stop by and check it out.  Bookvisions...more

Crazy excited about great food!

Hey fellow foodies!  I'm new to the group and I'm excited to be here! I absolutely LOVE cooking and trying new recipes.  I also love going to great restaurants and trying new dishes.  I literally get over-the-top excited!  LOL  My hubby thinks I'm a little nuts!  :)  ...more

Do you blog about food?

I am currently working on expanding a collaborative food database called Recipes Wiki and am looking for some dedicated food bloggers to post their recipes. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in participating by adding a few of their favorite recipes to the site. Of course, all of your recipes would include a link back to your blog and will be attributed to you. This is a great opportunity to promote your site to a diverse foodie audience. Recipes Wiki gets an average of 310K monthly uniques and we expect that to grow tremendously after our official launch in February....more

I would definitely love to contribute!


Love cooking, love food!

So glad to connect with fellow foodies! I'm Dawn, from Florida. I'm a freelance food writer and recipe developer. Looking forward to chatting with you all! I also teach, so if there's anything you'd like to learn about cooking, let me know. My speciality is cooking for folks with food allergies :-) Dawn ViolaSite: DawnViola.comBlog: Wicked Good Dinner...more

Hey Group! Nice to meet ya!

Just really digging into blogher! I can't wait to connect with fellow foodies.  Had a food blog now for around 9 months and truly lovin' it!  Drop me a line! Cooking with Love, ~Katie...more

I cooked some some steak and cubed it, along with a cubed french loaf, and some veggies. It ...more

I miss cooking

I have been sick for one week. It has been one week since I cooked. The last real meal I made was pizza and salad on New Year's Eve. For the last week "cooking" has meant reheating soup and making toast. I'm tempted to make something more ambitious but I can't seem to go more than five minutes without coughing and well, I figure coughing into the food is bad form. I'm looking forward to making real food soon. Chopping garlic. Sauteing vegetables. Roasting something (anything!). ...more

New Year's Goodies

We're staying at home on New Year's Eve. We're going to sit on the couch, eat homemade pizza and watch the World Juniors. (That's hockey. And yes, we are Canadian. Why do you ask?) If I'm feeling like it I might throw a hot dip in the mini-crockpot - mostly likely half a jar of Harry & David's pepper jelly and a block of cream cheese.But given the looks we get when we tell people that we're happily going to stay at home in our jammies I'm guessing that some of you have much more exciting plans....more

They are even kind of hard to find here. And I don't think I had red beans and rice before I ...more

Are you ready for Christmas dinner?

I think we are, except maybe for dessert because I still haven't completely decided what we're going to have. But aside from dessert we're ready. We've got the snackies. We've got the cheeses for the cheese tray. We've got all the necessities for the big meal. We've got coffee and tea. We've got everyone's favourite drink. The only thing I have to do is put my wine in the fridge (mine because I'm the only one that drinks wine).I think I've figured out what's being prepped the day before and what's being made Christmas day.What about you? Are you ready? Do you have a plan?...more


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