Why I’m no Longer Ashamed of Shapewear

Shapewear is not new to me. While I didn’t always own it I have vivid memories of watching my Grandmother get ready for church in the morning, squeezing into something she called a “girdle”. She said she wore it because it helped her look better in dresses, she compared it to my slip (you know that thing women don’t wear anymore) ....more

How Does a $500 Visa Giftcard sound?- Give Away!

Oh the things that you could do with $500! You could splurge on Designer Nail Polish: You could buy a bottle of your favorite perfume: You could even get that handbag you’ve been wanting! No matter what you decide to do just know that the Beauty Blogazons have you back and that’s exactly why we’re giving away a $500 Visa GiftCard this summer ....more

Summer Drink Series: Southern Porch Sipper

I’m a southern girl at heart. I love big yards, large porches and sweet tea. Now that I’m up north there’s absolutely none of that unless we move way out into the burbs and build our own dream home ....more

Jane Iredale tries it’s hand at BB Cream for the Women of Color

Lets talk BB Creams today. For Women of Color they are practically non existent. While there are brands that have shades that are made with Women of Color in mind the reality is that there is usually only one or two colors that are supposed to fit a diverse range of skin tones ....more

Need a Mint?

This weekend I decided to go for the Monochromatic look. Mint green and Teal are some of my favorite colors. It’s taken every inch of me not to incorporate the colors all over my house ....more

The Nudes You Want Leaked! Maybelline The Nudes Palette Review and Swatches

Ohhh Wee!!! My nudes have been leaked!! I heard rumors that Maybelline was launching a large size palette but when it comes to brands like this you can never be too sure ....more

When Bright Neon Nail Polish has Been Over Done..

Every year nail polish companies put out their most bright and vivid colors for summer. IMO if you have last years neons then you basically have this years neon. I am a recovering nail polish hoarder though so this may seem blasphemous to some people.Honestly though, not everyone can pull off neon during the summer ....more

These Baked Bronzers weren’t Cooked Long Enough

We all love Milani Cosmetics Baked anything. They’ve had our hearts since their Baked Eyeshadows and Blush first came onto the scene back in oh say 2011? I was hoping the Limited Edition Matte Baked Bronzers would fall right into that category but alas I really don’t think they cooked them long enough for them to be used by all skin tones ....more

Easy Moisturizing with St. Ives

Finding the perfect lotion to fit your every need is like staying one step ahead of Shonda Rhimes when it comes to the television show Scandal. It just ain’t gonna happen, bruh! Personally, I like a lotion that’s hydrating, has staying power but is also not greasy, smells good but won’t make me gag or want to take a shower because the scent is too strong ....more

Dumping Your Old Lipstick for a New Hottie

I thought I owned the perfect reddish orange lipstick. I could have sworn it was nestled safely in the lipstick compartment of my Alex drawer until I tried out the new Black Up Cosmetics Matte Lipstick in 34M and saw the light. Black Up...more