From the Flight Deck: Bloggers on travel delays

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What's it been like traveling this last week in the aftermath of the British terror bust?

Of course, no one had any clothes, water or food with them. The airline gave us toothpaste.

"Oh no! That can't be the line!" That was each new person's reaction on seeing exactly where the end of the line for the U.S. flights was.

--Rue Rude

Experiences vary wildly. Check out the Lonestar Consumer Network.

I figured there was going to be a long line through security, but there wasn't anyone in line in front of me and I sailed right through. The flight was on time, the baby in the seat next to me never let out a peep and we even got to our destination 15 minutes early. I figure it was one of those rare travel days when all the lights were with me.

Grateful Dating traveled easily enough, but ended up at her destination with no luggage.

I said, "I prefer not to check, but it seemed easier." I thought, 'You don't usually lose your luggage? Who does? I woke up this morning and decided, today is the day!'

From Sandy Berger Blog, a tale of apprehension that turned out to be unwarranted:

Although my flight was two hours late, my worries about security hasted proved unfounded at least on this domestic flight. In fact, I was thoroughly amazed by the effeciency exhibited by the TSA. My experience was actually pleasurable.

Julie Cohen spend some quality time at Dulles on August 10th and took it in stride - mostly.

I’ll be truthful: I did have a hissy fit in private this morning, accompanied by floods of tears. The news about the planned bombings made me feel as if life is even more fragile than our precious timetables. The baby kicking my belly (and giving me indigestion) makes me feel that even more acutely.

Violinst has a thread that reminds us that there are other carry on issue - like what to do with your instrument when carry-ons are so restricted.

Just talked to a United Airlines rep. in the UK, who assured me that as long as my violin fits in a cabin compartment, I am allowed to subsitute that for my "mid-sized" carry-on. So, it looks like we'll actually be alright! But just to be sure, I would recommend you also call your airline...

Jackie Danicki sums up the entire experience as...

Greater saftety through complete effin' chaos.

I said to the third screener, after he had cleared me to get on the plane, “Hey, I’m not trying to tell you how to do this or anything, but I’ve been searched three times and no one has even bothered to look in this pocket.�

Things seem to have eased up a bit - carry-ons and devices (laptops, cell phones, digital cameras) are once again allowed but the "no liquids" restriction is still in place. It's a good idea in the best of times to check your airlines and airport website on the day of your flight. But now, it's essential.

Pam Mandel blogs about travel and other adventures at Nerd's Eye View. She's still planning to fly to Heathrow at the end of the month.