Limited Time Only - Signed Copies of Gourmet Popcorn

Last popcorn post on this blog - I promise! (Probably.) I just found out that my publisher will get copies of my book NEXT WEEK. Just think about it -- next week at this time YOU could be eating every one of these delicious recipes of popcorn goodness ....more

How To Make Decorated Cactus Cookies - the Anti-Valentine

I've always known that I'm basically a 10 year old. I mean... I NAMED MY BLOG LILALOA ....more

How to Make Decorated Gnome Sugar Cookies for Valentine's Day!

I started working on some New Year's Resolutions today. And by "working on them" I mean...more

Fantastic Find: PenBlade Knife

Oh... I bet you guys thought I forgot about Fantastic Finds! I totally didn't ....more

How to Make Decorated Pajama Cookies

Is there any chance I could talk you all out of the "Ugly Sweater" thing again this year? I am prepared to offer you this pajama tutorial, half a box of frozen yogurt tubes and the 17 cents that I found under the couch last night in exchange for your support in eradicating a trend that brings back holiday sweater fashion that even the 1980's refused to accept. I just don't think I can make it through another season of...more

Kid Kits for Cookie Parties!!

Hello. You have reached the LilaLoa blog. The LilaLoa blog is currently unable to come to the phone right now because it's not an actual person with ears and a brain or hands or even a phone ....more

How to Make Dimensional Scribble Style Rose Cookies -- with Sweet Kissed Confections

Sometimes (always) at the end of the day, I just want to lay down on the couch and look at pictures of beautiful cookies and pretend that feeding my kids popcorn for dinner is totally a legit parenting decision. And sometimes I find a picture of gorgeous cookies that makes me completely forget all of my parenting decisions -- good and bad. When I first saw these unbelievable rose cookies from Rosemary's Sweet Kissed Confections I was immediately IN LOVE!!! ...more

How to Make Decorated Diploma Cookies

Can we just talk about play-dough for a minute? I just need a little help understanding how in the world this...this...playtime plague came into the world. I'm imagining a board room somewhere in an office building of an incredibly successful children's toy making company ....more

How to Make Decorated Floral Pattern Cookies

You guys. I think I need an intervention. My plant habit is out of control ....more

How to Make Decorated Confetti Ribbon Cookies

Oh my goodness. It's like winter JUST won't go away this year. I mean...I like the guy and all, but sometimes he's just a little too clingy, you know? ...more