The solution to all your Royal Icing Issues...or at least to some of them!

**Fair Warning-- This post is a little wordy and full of numbers and zero actual cookies.** Remember last spring when over TWO THOUSAND of you poured your icing covered hearts out to me in an icing issues survey? I promise I didn't forget! I wasn't keeping it a secret ....more

Rock Candy Cookies

There are two things that every cookie decorator asks me.The first -- what do you DO with all the cookies you make? The answer -- All sorts of stuff. I let my kids eat them ....more

Decorated Ocean Wave Cookies

Can we talk about paper for a minute? More specifically -- the pages of a book. I know I'm a blogger and this pretty much goes against everything internetty that ever was.. ....more

Back To School Backpack Cookies From An Easter Cutter

Sometimes I think about my life before I moved to America. My kids were each born in a different state or country. They are actually convinced that if we move again that they will get a little brother ....more

Decorated Peace Rose Cookies -- 4 Ways

I'm going to petition to make grocery shopping a sport. I'm not really sure WHO it is that you would have to petition or even really how to do it. But if I can figure out how to use Twitter.. ....more

How to Make Cameo Cookies From a Mold

I don't know about you guys, but I just can't make myself turn on my oven right now. It's like my oven is telepathic. If I even get out my sketch book and cutters, it somehow heats my house up another 10 degrees ....more

Under The Sea Creatures -- Cookies and Cards

You guys know this is my favorite day of the month! I get to peruse my cousin's fantastic paper creation blog and then recreate one of them in sugar form. I actually made these awhile and I have been SAVING them for some reason that even I don't comprehend ....more

How To Make Sailboat Cookies -- 4 Ways

There was a time in my life that summers meant sailboats. Little tiny one person sailboats that I could carry all by myself....Sailboats I made out of spare parts and fiberglass....Catamaran sailboats that would fly practically sideways through the water...Big ol' sailboats with booms and giant genoa sails that you could sleep in for days. I taught people to sail and took people on sailing tours and I raced sailboats and very nearly won.. ....more

How To Make Decorated Summer Sun Cookies

24 thoughts I had before 10 am....more

Cupcakery -- The Book!!

To say that I am obsessed with this book might be an understatement. I met Toni (The AUTHOR. I *know* her!) last fall and when she showed me this photo back in the dark days of winter, I knew my life would not be complete until I owned a copy of Cupcakery ....more