Dutch Dairy Farming roots… and Farmstr

… [more] You may not know that I came from Dutch dairy farming roots – and grew up in an agricultural community. I bottle-fed baby calves and cleaned out their pens – I spent my fair share of time in barn boots and learned to drive on a tiny tractor. While today I live in Seattle proper, my roots run deep and my affection for dairy farmers will never fade ....more

Grandma’s Special Salmon Sauce

… [more] I would get up at 6am with my dad, pull on my boots and add one jacket on top of another. At only 8 years old, I’d fill that dented and well-loved Stanley thermos with hot chocolate – dad had his thermos of coffee – and traipse with him to the boat. I can still see the boat bobbing by the dock and smell the salty ocean water ....more

Sandpoint, Idaho & Schweitzer Mountain (Christmas Holiday 2013 – part 2)

I’d like to say that after living with no electricity or water – and that timely chimney fire – our Christmas holiday morphed into a few days of relaxation, luxurious accommodations and no snafus. But I’d be lying. Read about part one of our holiday adventure… [more] for a little bit of context ....more

oxtail recipes – and how one long tail made it through 4 meals.

… [more] We all have sides to ourselves that need to be fed. We have nuances that keep us sane. Habits of comfort, people we call, ways we organize ....more

Christmas holiday 2013 (part 1): cabin in the woods in Yaak, Montana

… [more] I ignore the dead fly floating in a sea of candle wax while it burns. I wake up and have to pee, then close my eyes and will another to run to the nearby creek in below freezing temperatures for a bucket of water – a requisite to filling the back of the toilet for each ‘flush.’ I curse my packing skills, having left behind deodorant and now counting 4 ...more

California Ripe Olives Tour

On a recent California… [more] Ripe Olive Tour, I enjoyed a whirlwind 2 days of meeting farmers and visiting olive orchards, snapping pics at [olive] plants and eating chef-inspired, olive-themed meals. We not only took in sites and bites, we filled our brain to the brim with olive facts and figures, took note of olive pairings and stood in line for blue-cheese stuffed black olive martinis. On any farm tour or ...more

12 brussels sprout recipes + how to store brussels sprouts

Is it really all about the bacon? I asked a pile of blogging friends for their best brussel sprouts recipes and I confess: you’d think it was a case for “everything it better with bacon.” Brussels & Bacon are quickly becoming akin to peanut butter and jelly, olive oil and balsamic, truffle and popcorn… [more] (couldn’t resist that last one). Bacon love aside – I do want to make a case ...more

Green Tomato Recipes

We are gamblers. Risk-takers. We balance shoulder shrugs against sleepless nights ....more

pumpkin recipes and pumpkin puree recipes

Tis the season. Yes – I just said that. Folks might think that phrase is locked up for Christmas but in my little humble kitchen ’tis the season’ is a year round affair ....more

apple cider vinegar recipe (and apple drinking vinegar recipe)

All I know is the corner of my dining room is spewing odor as if it has a place in the conversation. How can one do homework with sour fermenting apples penetrating your nostrils? My poor sons put up with noisy dehydrators, simmering vinegar, a fridge full of hard-boiled eggs and now this: a corner full of ferment ....more