BlogHer Conference '06

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What: The second annual BlogHer Conference
When: July 28th and 29th, 2006
Where: Hyatt San Jose in San Jose, CA.
Theme: How are your blogs changing your world? More here.
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Here's what was on tap at BlogHer Conference '06:

Day One's Conference Schedule: Day One was a day of hands-on instruction on a variety of topics, most technically-focused.

Day Two's Conference Schedule: Day Two focused on community, conversation and the culture of blogging. Day Two also included our Room of Your Own sessions. Room of Your Own sessions are sessions that were created, staffed and proposed by BlogHer Conference attendees. More info on Day Two is here.

Here's how to get started:

BlogHer '06 sold out as did BlogHer '05, closing out with over 700 attendees.

BlogHer '06 was held at: The San Jose Hyatt

We secured a fabulous $75 rate, which was a big factor in choosing a venue. Here's more info on why we picked this location.

More info:

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Contact us about BlogHer:
Elisa Camahort: Conference programming and logistics
Jory Des Jardins: Conference sponsorship and alliances
Lisa Stone: The BlogHer Network