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My Cult Life: What Happened in the Cult Stayed in the Cult Until Now

I started a blog! It was July 2010 when I started blogging as a pre-writing exercise for a novel I wanted to write based on true life events that happened when I was 17 until I was 24. I graduated high school and joined a discipleship program I found out about through my church....more

I clicked around your blog yesterday for quite awhile. Interesting! Thanks for linking ...more

How do I share a post with you guys?

Several of my blog posts deal with dating after thirty (and learning to break the bad relationship cycle).  I'd like to share them with you guys, but can't figure out how... Check out: Somebody to LoveSomebody's Watching MeOn Love, In Sadness Visit Musical Musings!

do what you just did... or cross post them on BlogHer and use the "share with group" ...more

Love in the Middle Ages

Check out this hilarious piece of fiction:

Older men and younger women!

It seems like many men seem to think that they should date younger women.  I'm not sure why that is.  I even had a boyfriend once who said that he should be dating someone half his age plus 7.  What a jerk!  The funny thing is that I sang at a 20 year high school reunion the other day and when I scanned the crowd for someone I would actually date, I found one.  When I started talking to him, it turned out that he was just handing out the name tags and had graduated high school in 2000!  Uh oh!  As it turns out, men my age seem to look old to me!  I don't have anything in common with me ...more

I like the way you think!  Thank you!more


Broken Group Details Zone

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