Silhouette Black Friday Sale

I recently got a Silhouette Portrait and I have been loving it! Since we just moved into a new house, I am going to go crazy making labels for everything. Kitchen, bathroom, toy closet, craft room.. ....more

Bumps in the Road and Gratitude

Today is the fourth day we've been in our new home. It's been an interesting few days with one unexpected event after another. I'm choosing to see it as comical how many bumps we've had in the road ....more

Inexpensive Craft Room Storage and a Giveaway!

I'm so excited to be moving into a new craft room that already has built-in shelving. Remember the picture I shared a while back? Here's a refresher: It's kind of ugly right now, but after some paint and trim, I'm going to fill it up with all the things I love and it will be awesome ....more

A Fun New Place To Shop!

With a new house coming our way (we close in three days!), I've been dreaming up all sorts of decor and organizing projects. I've been on the prowl for cool products and good deals. Today I want to share a new favorite website for buying crafting supplies ....more

10 Cheapskate Moving Tips and Tricks

We are moving in two weeks. Ack! This is me having a mini panic attack ....more

How To Pierce An American Girl Doll's Ears

I'm one of those mean moms. I am making my daughter wait until she is 11 to get her ears pierced. So of course she is obsessed with earrings and wishes she could have them now ....more

Pour Spout Mason Jar

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I spent it packing and...more

A Diamond In The Rough

Today I've got some exciting news to share... we bought our first home! We move in just a couple weeks ....more

How To Make Homemade Croutons

I am a pretty frugal crazy thrifty person. I pinch every last penny. Well today I have a confession to make.. ....more

Ten Cute Thanksgiving Treats

I love food that borders on a craft. Are you surprised? Ha! ...more