Fit and Frugal Natural Kitchen

Fit and Frugal is my comfort writing food. A teacher, freelance writer and mom, I’m a dedicated endurance runner (who also does triathlons). My goal for my blog is to compile a collection of natural food news and healthy recipe experiments that shoot for great nutrition and taste while respecting the wallet and time. In the past, I fell into a lonely power struggle with food. It was something I feared, obsessed over, and defined myself by via attempts to control my consumption of it. I lost myself and my health, relationships, and focus suffered.

One day hitting rock bottom, it struck me with renewed clarity, it was time to let go. I began learning to appreciate and understand food for what it is. It's fuel. It's beautiful. It's a means to health when approached lovingly and moderately, and it's meant to be shared. Since then I've been ravenous for information on cooking, healing, growing, and nutrition for training.

I love experimenting in the kitchen. I love the bright colors, varied textures, and crisp sounds of produce on the cutting board. I love to bake. The problem is finding time and respecting the piggybank. Maybe one day I'll come into unlimited resources to play with. For now, I'm shooting to enjoy a life less processed, and to create delicious and nutritious food that fits with busy days and careful budgets.

Honey BBQ tempeh salad

Writing up the salad part of this recipe feels a little frivolous somehow, with my own voice taunting, like you need a recipe?! Because this is truly such a “whatever’s left in the fridge” sort of salad that happens to be great topped with yummy tempeh cooked in a simple barbeque sauce. The latter being what this post is really for: “sauce” which feels more like seasoning ....more

Baked (Captain America) cauliflower and corn fritters (oil free, GF, dairy free)

Fritters, patties, or maybe even burgers…I’m not sure what’s the most fitting description for this recipe. One thing I am sure of, whatever term I use, it’s going to be preceded with “Captain America’s”. Little Sous Chef has been giving me secret giggles with the quirkiness of some of his ideas and preferences lately ....more

Easy gluten-free (or not) apple cinnamon waffles

These waffles. They could nudge me to eating fully gluten-free (although they are just as persuasive made with whole wheat flour). They are fluffy and light yet hearty, with that just-crisp on the outside texture craved in a waffle ....more

Roasted cauliflower and quinoa salad with tahini dressing

How long do we get to say phrases like ...more

Healthy vegan shamrock shake

I’m not apologizing, but this post feels as much...more

Lemon blueberry corn flour muffins (GF, vegan)

I’m a tad bit chagrined to be sharing yet another “bald cupcake” (two posts back-to-back)…but not really. Any reluctance is only down to self-consciousness about fortifying the appearance of being a girl who consistently craves cake. Only this bald cupcake, aka muffin, is so lovely and fragrant, lightly lemony and...more

Chocolate quinoa muffin-cupcakes (gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free)

Comedian Jim Gaffigan pretty much nailed it when he described a muffin as a “bald cupcake”. (Don’t you just love that guy? Especially the voices?) Mostly nailed it ....more

“Hot kale!”: Easy baked kale and tofu egg rolls

These deceptively simple little baked egg rolls are almost vegan. Not quite. They easily could be, with the right wrapper ....more

Caramel krispy treats (gluten-free, vegan, date-sweetened)

I am continually both marveling at and startled by how powerfully intertwined food, like music, can be. So many memories layered in so many meals, dishes, and bites– whether tasted, encountered or merely observed. The way the scents of apples and...more

Another healthy black bean brownie (naturally sweetened, GF, vegan)

One thing this blog does not need, one more post about a healthified brownie. Let alone one that seems a bit of a repeat. Hemp, quinoa, sweet potato, black bean…I’ve posted experiments featuring all these in what appears like the same package ....more