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the real " secret life of the american teenager" or is the media glamorizing teen pregnancy?

lately everywhere i flick a channel there is a show about teen pregnancy and the thing to me that is pretty disturbing is that they all say this is the "real" take on teen pregnancy. yet when i watch these shows i cringe because i know firsthand they are full of shit! ...more

somedays i wanna run away and join the circus and wear circus lady panties!!!!!!!

gosh it has been a while since i posted.  too busy on facebook and myspace and work and getting things together for a bankruptcy and on top of that my kids are driving me crazy with the summertime blues. on a recent evening i came home from work tired and hot at 8:30 in the evening and the kids were in the same spots they were when i had left that day at noon. strangely their was evidence that they had moved minimally to get something to drink and evidence of eaten ice cream sat coaggulating to the bowl. i walked in and they did not even flinch. ...more

"me" time does not require a check in call from anyone

last night i was with several of my girlfriends, we all sat under the stars and had bahama mamas and some coronas, we shared good food and conversation. we were all there at my friend lily's house, at her invitation. her husband was going to be out of town on a job and she had asked him if she could have a couple of friends over. in the midst of raising our drinks to "salud" and listening to music her phone rang. It was joe her husband, she had him on speaker phone, immediately he reacted to the laughter that had erupted from the group. ...more


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