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Super-art blogger, dancer, and artist Paola Lorenzana has a new show up at her art gallery and hostel in Alegria, El Salvador: "El Sueño de la razón", The Sleep of Reason. Hey, don't just read her blog - go and stay in her hostel, which is meant to be for artists of all kinds - in fact they have a artists in residence program although anyone from the U.S. who tries to stay there for the cheaper artists' rate is cheating... since the regular rate is $10 a night. It would be a great place for a group retreat. You just have to get to El Salvador first!

Paola's other blogs are La Rous, a collective of women artists; and AlteRnativa, (eng) , where Paola writes her opinion of a local golf course... and her defense of open space and biodiversity. More power to her eco-activism and to her political blogging!

Contributing Editor Liz Henry also blogs at Composite and Badgermama.