Dude Mom

Dude Mom is a humor, lifestyle blog written by the best mom in the world. In her free time she enjoys losing weight easily, looking like a soap star the moment she rolls out of bed, and riding around town on her unicorn. Also, she may be slightly delusional.

In addition to having a loose grip on reality, Dude Mom enjoys traveling to far off lands (or, not so far off lands) with her family, and helping moms up their style awesome by sharing easy, affordable, and stylish wardrobe tips. As someone who has had a fashion intervention by two of America’s most well known stylists (yep, she was on What NOT to Wear) and lived to tell the tale, she knows that giving up the yoga pants is nearly as hard as giving up chocolate (having recently lost 45lbs she can tell you all about that pain too!).

The mom behind the blog is a former Teach for America middle school language arts and social studies teacher.  She left the classroom for SAHM life and instead became a professional photographer, freelance writer, blogger, social media director, brand spokesperson, and general director of awesomeness.  She reluctantly resides in Maryland with her husband, baby dog daughter, and three small Dudes where she laments leaving the California sunshine on a daily basis.  #GoNiners

The Ultimate Gift Guide for Dudes According to The Dudes

Shopping for Christmas is one of my favorite things to do to get ready or the holidays. Right next to eating. I love finding unique things for my loved ones to light up their faces on Christmas morning ....more

Holiday Netflix Movies to Watch With Kids

We are serious holiday homebodies. I do my best to spend as much time in my house, surrounded by food, covered in jammies, with few reasons to go out into the freeziness. We bake, and we eat, and we sleep in, and we eat, and sometimes we put on real pants and invite friends over, to eat ....more

Celebrate Thanksgetting & Holiday Travel Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

I have never had a holiday travel experience that I would consider pleasant. Exhausting, overwhelming, frustrating, enraging, uncoordinated, and down right scary, yes. But pleasant? ...more

What Women Want: Stylish Gifts for Her

I rarely get to spend what I want on stylish items for myself. I am more of a window shopper which means that, if you chill with me on Instagram, you will see me in stores trying on clothing and shoes and such quite often, but very little of it gets to find its forever home with me. I just like to explore ....more

Parenting Tips from My Unstoppable Mom

I used to joke that I was a mediocre mom. It was always sort of tongue in cheek and jokey-jokey, but there was some truth to it for me. I’ve always feel like I can do more ....more

The Real Story of Neighborhood Facebook Groups

I don’t know about you, but where I live we have these closed Facebook groups exclusively designed to connect neighbors to each other. They are managed by people who live in the hood currently and have some form of checks and balances system to ensure that people who join aren’t just trying to gain access to a local list of people they can sell Jamberry or belly wraps or whatever to. If you live where I live (and you know if you do) then you know the groups of which I speak ....more

Wide Calf Boots for Wide Calf Women

I write a lot about shoes here. It’s because I love them. But, not for the oh-you’re-a-girl-so-of-course reason that most other women claim ....more

I’m Sorry Motherhood Is The Worst

I have been a member of the mom blogging community for a long time now. Not like I-was-the-first-mom-blogger long (we all know who that was anyway), but long enough to see some popular bloggers come and go and come again… and go again. During my time in residence I’ve noted that, just like anything else in life, mom blogging has trends ....more

10 Times Pumpkin Spice Made Me The Saddest Person Ever

Pumpkin spice you guys. When did it became such a thing. And how? ...more

How to Pack A Suitcase: Tips for The Stylish Traveler

This is a sponsored post brought to you by Type A Parent & Clarisonic In the last few years I’m proud to say that I have become sort of a big deal when it comes to how to pack a suitcase lightly. I can go away for a week, include both business and pleasure, have cute cloathing and shoes for every occasion, and not need to check a single bag. I have perfected my overall wardrobe quite a bit –my style is more intentional and refined so I generally know what I will wear for most engagements ....more