Airy travel

Two airline related stories this week caught my eye.
The first was the arrest of 12 Muslim passengers on a flight from the US to Bombay. BBC reported earlier this week that:

The pilot turned back over German airspace after the crew said a number of passengers on the flight to Mumbai (Bombay) were behaving suspiciously. reported today that the Dutch ambassador has issued an apology for the arrests.

The story says:

Other passengers from the detained flight, who arrived in Mumbai last night, said they saw the 12 men exchanging seats and fidgeting with their mobile phones.

"I think the men raised the crew's suspicion because they were not listening to them and changing their seats," said Nitin Dalal, a passenger on the detained flight.

If you're a brown passenger, you had better be on your best behavior through out your flight, if you don't want to arouse suspicions.

Another story earlier this week was about a pair of men who were speaking Arabic and acting suspicious. Sister Toldjah says passengers are conducting their own profiling where their governments won’t.

Great going, passengers, except when you'replain wrong.

These two Arabic men were released too and allowed to continue with their journeys when no evidence of any harmful intent was found.

Now all that's left is for:
The airlines to be sued
Airlines to issue an apology
Random people to stand up and defend such profiling
Equally random people to issue statements that Islam is a religion of peace

Any or all of these things will happen. Forgive me if I sound cynical, but I'm really sick of all this. I dread traveling, because either my husband or I or both get pulled out for body searches on our flights. On one occasion, a female security guard frisked our 2-year old while she wailed her heart out.

And God forbid, we do anything but smile through this, because then we'll be automatically deemed suspicious people. Don't get me wrong, I hate the 9/11 hijackers as much as the next person, but I can't understand why it's become such a blanket, catch-all profiling.


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