Sew a Fine Seam

I’m a seamstress, I paint furniture, I have an etsy shop, I take handmade and vintage goods to events and flea markets, I decorate, I design, I’m developing a photography portfolio,  I homeschool.  No matter what I'm doing whether it be fluffing my house, painting furniture, designing a new garment, sewing, or homeschooling my kids I want to do a 'fine' job - and ultimately glorify God through it all!

The Summer Market is almost here!

The Summer Market is almost here! This coming Friday evening and Saturday. Avon Lake, Ohio - 4-9 on Friday and 9-5 on Saturday ....more

God Bless Israel

As I have been spending all my waking hours preparing for my upcoming Market, I haven't taken a lot of time to listen to the news. I see a bit of it here and there on fb when I take time to look at fb on my phone. I hear a bit from my husband when he comes home from work and shares what he has heard ....more

Ironstone Milk Paint

I love milk paint. I've loved the idea of milk paint for years. I mentioned that in this post when I was just starting to use Miss Mustard Seed's Milk Paint ....more

Kansas on My Mind

We arrived home from Kansas Friday evening - and I spent a couple of hours cleaning my kitchen cupboards and my kitchen. Cause that is exactly what everyone feels like doing after riding in a car for over 15 hours. No I'm not crazy - we had ants like crazy ....more

Sunday Blessings

Just some pretty pics and a quick note to bless you all this Sunday. I'm headed out to photograph a wedding - if you want to say a prayer for me I'd appreciate it! I'm the only photographer and I'm a bit nervous about it ....more

Burlap Roman Shade

I recently had the privilege of making some burlap curtains for a friend. Allisa from Thobe Rentals asked me to make her some window treatments - 2 of the places a couple simple, hemmed panels would suffice. But for the door we decided something a bit more sophisticated was called for ....more

Slipcovered Wingbacks

Before we headed out on vacation I had a few projects to get finished. One of them was these slipcoverd wingbacks for a friend. The chairs were still in great shape, had a cute shape, and were still comfy ....more

Sandcastles and Wheat Harvest

Do you ever have a dream that seems too big to ever come true? Something you would love to build or create but it seems impossible that it will ever be finished or ever become anything worthwhile? Does it seem a bit like building a sandcastle only to watch the incoming tide wash it away? ...more

Let Freedom Ring! Happy 4th of July!

Let Freedom Ring! Enjoy your 4th of July weekend. Eat some grilled food, break out the fun drinks and yummy, pretty deserts ....more

Grey Dresser – Back in it’s Proper Place

I have this darling grey dresser. It used to be white and my Mom used it for a changing table for me when I was a baby. I used it for my first daughter's changing table ....more