Sew a Fine Seam

I’m a seamstress, I paint furniture, I have an etsy shop, I take handmade and vintage goods to events and flea markets, I decorate, I design, I’m developing a photography portfolio,  I homeschool.  No matter what I'm doing whether it be fluffing my house, painting furniture, designing a new garment, sewing, or homeschooling my kids I want to do a 'fine' job - and ultimately glorify God through it all!

Jewelry Display – Project Challenge 5

Project Challenge time again! This month our item to use was 'fencing'. I'll be honest, I was quite stumped on what to do for this one ....more

Fridays Unfolded

Fridays Unfolded. What has unfolded for you this week? Here are a few of my favs from last week ....more

Life is Good – But Better at the Beach

Above one of the doors in the house we rented was a sign that said 'Life is good - but better at the beach. I so very much agree. I love the beach and could live there year round ....more

Memorial Day

Yesterday at church we heard about Memorials. ...more

Fridays Unfolded

Fridays Unfolded. What has unfolded for you this week? I've been settling back in at home after a week at the beach ....more

Bingo! New Designs – Pillows and Handbags

Sew a Fine Seam has some new designs and I'm finally posting them here to show you! I'm really excited about them and I hope you love them too. Have you 'met' Donna through her blog Funky Junk Interiors? ...more

More than a Sitting Room

Hello Sew A Fine Seam friends! My name is Sharon, a.k.a. Mrs. Hines from the blog Mrs ....more

Decorating with Books

Good Morning Peeps! I'm so happy to have Jennifer guest posting for me today! If you have 'met' Jennifer through her blog you know exactly how I feel - if you haven't met her then you are gonna want to go on over and 'meet' her and browse her blog and get to know her! ...more

Happy Mother’s Day

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day. I had a blog post all written - in my head. And then I was so busy I just never sat down and got it typed up ....more

Fridays Unfolded Link Party

Fridays Unfolded Link Party has been absent for a bit - I had to let it go a couple weeks ago and last week it was cancelled due to the main host being sick. But it's that time again and I'm excited to see what you link up! The post Fridays Unfolded Link Party appeared first on Sew a Fine Seam ....more