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concholepasThe hilariously funny Chilean bloggers of Nuestra Gata (formerly "Nuestra Perra") and the Guai-lóners or "Jones sisters" just had a party to celebrate their one-year blogiversary. From the photos on the blog-invitations it looks like a lot of men in leopard thongs and bow ties, and others in yugoslavian folk dance costumes planned to attend... Really, I hope it was the most surreal blog party ever, and that things caught on fire often.

In honor of this occasion I'll spell everything with a "k" when I'm chatting on IM, and also I send them my translation of a poem by Carmen Berenguer. I partied in Chile, too, this weekend - but in the PQ 8058 section of the 3rd floor of the Stanford library, reading poetry anthologies.


Concholepas concholepas.
They yank me out of my aqueous residence
They do it with violence, with brutal jerks.
Concholepas concholepas
They were armed with knives.
Later they proceded to thrust me
in a sack
They beat me ("in order to tenderize me")
They washed me ("in order to make me clean")
Then, beaten, outraged, semi-flaccid,
and cleaned
They placed me in a pot with boiling water
and salt.
Now I'm in the kitchen
with mayonnaise, oil, and parsley
Now I'm in the shop window.
Now I'm on a menu.

They're going to eat me!

Contributing Editor Liz Henry also blogs at Composite and Badgermama.


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