Tech Chic Mom is on Wordpress

Check me out on Wordpress! I’ll be updating Tech Chic Mom from there : ) xoxo, Christina ...more

ClickySticky iPad App is a Fun for Kids This Easter

           Happy Easter! This is one of my favorite holidays for many reasons.  ...more

23snaps Online Has a New Look

            I just received an e-mail from 23snaps that there are some new updates to the site. If you aren’t familiar with the app, it’s a private photo sharing network that allows you to share family photos with your inner circle ....more

Dubbler, a Socially Integrated Audio Messaging App

Wouldn’t you rather send your family and friends audio messages every now and then? At times I don’t have time to send a text, and audio messaging can save some time. Besides, texts can sometimes be miscommunicated ....more

5 Geeky Wall Art Pieces for the Home

I’m always on the lookout for geeky home decor to add my love of tech to my home space. Wall decor is a great way to incorporate geeky things you find on the Internet to make your home unique. It can punch up even the most bland room. Check out these five geek chic wall art pieces for your nerdy home. ...more

4 Geek Chic Rooms for Little Boys

In the fashion space, geek seems to be the new chic, and home decor seems to be following suit. We can decorate with our favorite geeky accents and themes. My favorite themes are for nurseries and little boy rooms. I remember as a child, wanting my entire room decorated with my favorite cartoon character or movie. Decorate your baby boy’s room with modern geeky themes like Star Wars or Buzz Light Year. Check out these 4 geek chic rooms for ...more

Facebook Redesigns News Feed with Larger Photos

image courtesy of Facebook ...more

Samsung Galaxy Note 8'' Tablet is Perfect for Busy Moms

images courtesy of Samsung ...more

Tech Chic Pick of the Week: Floral Accessories

Although it may be freezing in some states (it definitely isn’t here in Florida) we’re slowly moving into spring. And what’s my favorite part of spring? Florals! I’ve even started a florals board on Pinterest to share my love. What’s more fun and pretty than floral tech accessories! ...more